October 14, 2014

Don’t Just Stand There, Do Yoga.

Photo: Courtesy of Author.

Have you ever felt bored or impatient when you had to stand around waiting for something to happen?

If you are a yogi or yogini, you’ve probably done yoga in unusual places or situations.

Last Sunday, my family and I walked along the beach when storm clouds gathered and a huge tropical storm threatened to drench us. We rushed to the only beach shelter we could find—a public toilet.

Rather than  just stand there and pull a long face waiting for the rain to stop, we busted out a few yoga poses. A few other people came in out of the rain and decided to join in and we  formed an impromptu yoga class.

Laughter, appreciative groans, mini “aha” moments ensued as our new friends stretched along with us. Then the rain stopped and we sat in short silence. There was a quieting of the heart, a deepening of our breath, a quintessential awareness, a feeling of connection with nature and with each other.

After saying our goodbyes, we went on our separate ways. I’m not sure how the other party felt but I was happy that we did yoga instead of standing around being annoyed at the rain.

People do  yoga for many reasons. For me it’s the magic that happens after a practice.

You get calm, you get silly,  you get happy, you attract good people and you get inspired to do stuff that you love .

To prove my point, here’s a GIF my talented, very part time yogi graphic designer husband created when he got home.

Courtesy of Author.

Standing in the queue waiting for the loo?

Don”t Just Stand there. Do Yoga.

Feel trapped like an eagle in a zoo?

Don’t Just Stand There. Do Yoga

Waiting to take a long flight to Woolamaloo?

Don’t Just Stand There. Do Yoga

Can’t find the right people to join your crew?

Don’t Just Stand there. Do Yoga.

Boyfriend left you, feeling blue?

Girlfriend left you for someone new?

Don’t Just Stand There. Do Yoga.

Not quite sure about your guru?

Don’t Just Stand There. Do Yoga.

Had it with fake and want to be true?

Don’t Just Stand There. Do Yoga.


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Photo and GIF: Courtesy of Author.



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