October 11, 2014

Four Things: How to be a Popular Introvert.

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Four Things no one tells Introverts about how to have fun at a Party.

Introversion isn’t insecurity, merely. It’s a habit of wanting to conserve energy rather than being groundless and tiring yourself out. Right?

Let’s go!

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At a huge party where everyone looks cool and is huddled in little groups?That’s ’cause they’re already friends with folks or are equally introverted and seemingly standoffish! But don’t worry! In most cases, it’s a wall of fire. Cross in, with your hand out.

Introduce yourself to random people. It’s easy. Just go up, stick your hand out, and say, “I don’t know anyone here! My name’s Waylon. Or Geneva. Or whatever.”

Deep breath!

They’ll say, “oh! Nice to meet you. I’m George. Or Yolanda. Or whatever.”

Deep breath!

You then say, “how do you come to be here?”

They’ll probably say something.

Your ready followup! “I do this or that, that’s how I come to be here.”

Deep breath! And your conversation is off to the races.

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Here’s the Four Things no one tells Introverts about what will happen if you do the above (interact with…human beings!) a Party.

1. If you say hi to someone, they may look cool but they might be insecure, or introverted, they also may not know anyone and will be happy, even grateful, to talk to someone and meet someone. You might make a good friend, or business contact, or lover.

2. If you say hi to someone you don’t know, they might be rude in which case they’re rude and you shouldn’t care about knowing a rude person. Moving on!

3. If you say hi to someone you don’t know and they’re confident and nice and popular, they probably will be psyched to meet someone new and be nice. You might make a good friend! Or lover. If not, see #2, and move along, no harm no foul!

4. In any of the three above cases, you’re all set. And the more you do it, the more confidence you gain in reaching out.

Rock on, party people.



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