October 1, 2014

Hated Pollution Problem Now Banned in the Whole State of California.

single use plastic bag

California has become the first state in America to ban the single use plastic bag.

Yay California! I always thought you were the coolest. Now I know it’s true.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 California Governor, Edmund Brown signed legislation banning single use plastic bags statewide.

The single use plastic bag is one of the most problematic environmental hazards of our time.

Plastic bags are barely recyclable, used once and then discarded to the landfill or become a threat to our marine systems. Birds and animals mistake plastic bags for food and eat them—this is fatal. Or they break down and pollute our waterways and soil.

Single use plastic bags are one of the biggest sources of litter.

About one million plastic bags are used each minute and take 1000 years to degrade! Plastic never decomposes, it photodegrades—it breaks up into smaller pieces which are still toxic and contaminate soil, water and animals when digested. Every square mile of ocean had about 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in it.

Single use plastic bags are completely unnecessary. Thank you California for your leadership in environmental activism! May all the states follow suit.

Write to your local congressman and representative in Washington and tell them why you want single use plastic bags banned in your state. Please—we all share this planet.

Click here for contact info for your state representative.

Click here to find the email and mailing address of your state’s congressmen/women.

Bring your own reusable bags with you wherever you go.




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Phil Weinstein Oct 2, 2014 11:31am

I agree big time that this needs to be addressed at the public policy level. I take notice of what people do with their produce. More often than not, even things like apples go into one-time-use forever bags. (And this is in Boulder!) (I choose to not even use them for fresh mushrooms — I just take them loose).

My heart sank when I saw that my super market provided a seemingly insightful service of allowing people to husk their naturally packaged fresh corn right in the store — with a huge plastic-lined garbage can and a one-time-use forever bag dispenser by the fresh corn. As I was sharing my observation with a clerk (and asking if the corn husks were at least handled as compost — no they were not) we watched another customer choose to take her corn without husking it — but of course placing it into a one-time-use forever bag. Exasperating.

Gerry Ellen Oct 1, 2014 1:24pm

Such exciting news! I hope other states jump on board. When I was in Austin, they were the only city in Texas to enact this law last year (of course they are an island in that entire humongous state!), but CA setting the pace for others to follow is so welcomed. Great article that sheds light in the environmental push forward. And I still think Jerry Brown is the coolest for dating Linda Rondstadt way back when. 😉

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