October 7, 2014

How I Connect to Genuine Appreciation in My Life. ~ Sherri Rosen


I am so busy in daily life that many times I take things for granted, and sometimes I just have to stop myself, get off the fast track, do some meditation, calm down and take in all of the genuine appreciation in my life.

I have been having a rough time lately. Mainly because I am jumping into new things like creating a combination of improvisational theatre with storytelling, doing another theatrical video and preparing for some upcoming changes in my life in 2015.

So I don’t know about you, but for me this brings up so much anxiety and can also turn into negativity and judgement, which does not help me at all.

I’ve heard some film actors say they never go to see themselves in a film, and some theatre actors say that before they go onto the stage they get sick and it doesn’t make any difference how many times they perform. I get it! I totally get it!

I never saw this side of me until I began jumping into new things. Being in situations I’ve never been in before. Yes, I’ve always been one to take risks but I never really paid attention to what I put myself though on the inside.

I am sure many of you can identify with the hard times we can put ourselves through. A couple of things I want to share with you that are helping me as I work through all of this are this:

1. Taking some daily quiet time. For me it’s meditation, and connecting to genuine appreciation of my life and myself. Appreciating that I am taking risks, doing new things, sometimes not understanding what i am doing, allowing myself to make mistakes, allowing myself to be on an adventure.

2. When the judgements begin to come up I immediately go into a heart meditation and connect to my heart and self love. It may not work when I begin the meditation, but if I stick with it I slowly begin to connect to self love, a softness comes over me, and I can connect to not only self love, but the love of others, and the judgements all disappear.

3. My spiritual teacher turned me onto this Emotional Freedom Technique. It has to do with tapping. Yes, tapping. You tap different parts of your body to help release negativity and be able to go into genuine appreciation. When my teacher first sent me the link, I said to myself, “Oh goodness, if I have to do another thing I will scream.” But when I viewed the short video and the simple technique, and I tried it and saw that it worked, I wanted to share it with all of you.

4. If those judgements come up and take away the genuine appreciation of my life, I also allow them to be there. Another thing I tell myself is I am doing the best I can do. I don’t try to push away the negativity. I sit with it, and I know it’s the time I must be extra kind to myself. Sometimes I also say, “Hey Sherri, look at what you are doing, look at how courageous and brave you are, and yes, you have these judgements, but you can work with them and you can help yourself to let all of these judgements go.”

Being alive isn’t easy. It takes lots of strength and courage not to shut down with all that goes on in my life and in the world, but i refuse to allow the negativity to take over and so I am willing to do the work. Mainly because I want to stay connected to appreciating my life!

I hope these pointers help you out, and I would enjoy hearing from you if you have tried out the Emotional Freedom Technique or if you have decided to try some meditation.



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