October 5, 2014

Howling for October.


There is so much going on this month that it takes a mad astrological genius to decipher what lies ahead for the month of October.

Since I am nothing of the kind, I have this crazy idea about October and allowing the inner wolf to just take off!

We are merely a few days into the month and already people are talking about the forthcoming set of eclipses as being one for the record books. I thought this past April was the height of astrological intensity, as just about everyone under the sun, moon and stars was feeling the ramifications of emotional blowouts.

Then came September, which was downright deep on every level relating to worldly changes and intrapersonal affairs.

And now, here is October.

Oh, did I happen to mention that Mercury retrograde is descending its complicated communication innuendos on the planet?

Yet, that almost feels like a blip on the screen compared to what the remainder of October is destined to present. We already had the onset of the Autumnal Equinox, which ushered in fall foliage and beauty and climate changes. Between shocking and electrifying Uranus creating waves of change and upheavals during this entire month (weather patterns too!) to the lord of the underworld, Pluto, bumping up against our newly established comfort zones, we are sure to have to regroup and reset our pilot lights to a whole new set of rules.

This is why October needs some serious howling, and not just at the full moon lunar eclipse on October 8th, or the new moon solar eclipse on October 23rd.

In fact, what we need are the spirited voices tilting our heads back every single day and opening our arms and answering the call to Mother Nature. She always has a plan. She gracefully places these booming heavenly happenings on our paths to see how far we have come with our emotional, spiritual and physical progress.

She tenderly goes about her business to see if we are paying attention to our surroundings and the genuine hearts and the world. She waits patiently while we fumble around, cleaning up our humanly messes and taking our souls a notch deeper into our own personal realms.

It is a magnificent time. It is a critical time. It is a strength and courage time. It is a life or death time on a global scale. It is a time for energetic beings to light up this world and continue to shift the consciousness of togetherness and service. Howls all around!

Most know about what the wolf represents and how essential the species is for our own survival. They roam, they mate, they play, they shed, they hunt, they rest, and they stick together.

October feels like a complete role model package of the wolf-like spirit, all the way through to the end of the month and Halloween, which mystically speaks volumes of having some fun by putting on masks and pretending to be someone other than whom we really are.

Ironic, isn’t it? We go through this entire roller coaster month of aspiring to achieve some sort of balance and harmony, when all we have to do is paint our faces, act goofy, ask strangers for candy (hoping they drop some sort of healthy energy bar into the open pillow case) and go about our merry way. Then, we return to normalcy (sans costumes) the following day, completely gorged on whatever our kids brought home, and rest up for November.

It’s an interesting metaphor for October, one which requires a great deal of intrigue and reflection.

Also in the midst of all these cosmic alliances and trickster planets showing us their highest potential, we have Wolf Awareness week to raise the recognition of these majestic beasts and their plight. It is probably something Mother Nature threw in to keep us in touch with the human to wolf spirit, and how using our powerful unique voices can be heard on an unconditional level.

The eerily soft song of the wolf resonates beautifully for October.

They, like us, have a message from the heart: listen to your own beat, feed the life force of each other, and accept love in all its forms.

Howling this month takes on a lively and pressing tone, one in which our individual spirits are destined to soar!




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