October 22, 2014

Our Generation is Tired of Mediocrity.


I feel amazed as the world evolves right in front of my eyes.

I’ve see between space and time how millennials are taking over in diverse ways and how this generation of people are creating social change in the most magnificent way.

I can see how the work they are doing is creating a feeling of fulfillment and aliveness because it is for the greater good of humanity and society. The experience of seeing positive change is being enacted.

The universe is having a divine breakthrough. People have decided to lead, create, start, emerge and provoke with conscious awareness.

I want to tap into this but as my desire grows—to be a member of this generation creating a revolution—I look over my left shoulder and ask why do I feel fear?

Fear is trying to conquer my mind with self-doubt and negative thoughts.

The negative thoughts keep coming and fear keeps laughing; nudging me to hide under my covers and feel handicapped.

“Remain where you are.”

“Go back to your unfulfilling job that makes you feel small.”

“You are just not good enough.”

“Why are you asking for more when you can be content with where you are and what you have—after all there are people who have less than you”

“The timing is not right.”

The fear keeps me from writing which is the most creative way I have learned to express myself and share my voice. The fear keeps me in check—it says comfort zone is your best friend, just stay put!

These are the things I feel when I allow the stupid fear to rule:

I feel small.

I feel mediocrity.

I feel unheard.

I feel unseen and invisible.

I feel in-validated.

I feel unloved.

I feel conquered.

I feel danger.

I feel pessimistic.

I feel damned.

I feel handicapped.

I feel inadequate.

I feel lost.

I feel afraid.

I feel fear!

Today, I finally decided to pick up my laptop and speak my truth.

I confess my truth through my voice as a writer because as my words leave my heart to the screen, I know that another angel and strong creative empowered soul is reading and is connecting, because:

We are not a generation that abides in fear.

We are not a generation that lives in mediocrity.

We are not a generation that exists by settling for less or playing small.

The things that tear me inside out are the things I have grown more conscious about. As I get more conscious and aware, I want to do more to contribute and make a difference. This will leave me feeling more alive and more fulfilled.

Each day, my desire grows and it is clear that fear only attacks those who settle in mediocrity.

Fear does not attack those who are game changers and fire starters.

Fear does not approach comfort zone arenas—neither does it harass those who seek an expanded awareness.

When I feel this fear and I compare it to my weariness for mediocrity, I say to myself there is absolutely no room for comparison.

My tiredness for mediocrity totally outweighs the fear that attempts to consume my fire. I am a millennial with a strong desire to evoke a change and make a difference and do things that make me feel more alive!

Are we a generation tired of mediocrity?

The answer is hell yes, we are!

Look around you and notice the amount of game changers acting in amazing ways because they’ve overcome fear and decided to pursue ventures that evoked their creativity, expanded their awareness, make them feel more alive.

All because they got tired of mediocrity and playing small.

I don’t have to mention names because they are countless, but first let’s begin with you and I.

Let us begin to see ourselves as game changers and prove that we are indeed a generation tired of mediocrity and playing small and we can start enacting the change we desire to see in the world.

Five quick nuggets on how to ditch mediocrity and start playing big to feel more alive.

Start creating: Once we see ourselves as artists and creators we have limitless possibilities. We can create something that makes us feel more alive inside. With a laptop and internet access, we can create. With a paint brush in hand and a blank canvas we can create. No more excuses, ditch fear, say no to mediocrity. Let’s stop feeling small within ourselves and start creating.

Let us Become Seekers: Cultivate a learner’s mind and seek that which will grow the mind.

Let us Come Alive: Mediocrity is like playing possum and no one has time to play dead, so let us come alive by becoming more curious and following our curiosity, each day getting more and more awake within ourselves. By being conscious of things that will make us more awake and feel more alive, we automatically ditch this thing called mediocrity.

Let us Exist in Love: I have learned that love is hard when we are not aware that it is something we ought to possess and have a right to feel every single day. Love is something that ties everything together and allows everything to make sense in our lives.

When we don’t feel love everywhere, we feel invisible and mediocre. We feel minimized and our potential can’t be explored to its fullest—if we constantly let ourselves feel mediocre and small we can’t create big.

All because love is missing.

Love is the heart of success and any creative work.

We don’t have to have a lover or be in a relationship to feel love. We can make a conscious decision to be aware that we can exist and operate from a place of love—or ourselves, for others and the world.

Let us Step into our Power: This is the most powerful advice I was given recently. Step into my power. I am learning to do just that. So I am sharing this advice—I urge you to recognize that you are powerful and you have great potential and playing small is not serving anyone.

Recognize your potential—which is your power. Own it as your prized possession and step into it by using it in any way you can for the greater good.


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Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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