October 18, 2014

Rachel Brathen’s Tip of the Day.

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I’m seeing a lot of craziness and gossip in my feed and its apparent there is a very important piece of information that people don’t seem to understand:

Everything you give out, you get in return!

It’s that simple.

What you give, you receive.

Why spend your day thinking judgmental thoughts when you can spend your day in gratitude and awe of this life?

The only thing that truly matters:

love and happiness.

If it’s not present in the current conversation you’re having—stop it!

If it’s not present in the situation you’re in—leave it!

If it’s not present in your relationship—end it!

Stop gossiping.

Stop the negativity.

Stop the drama.

Every person that ticks you off says more about you than it does the other person: learn from it.

So here it is, my tip of the day:

Don’t let your ego draw you into drama. 



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