October 2, 2014

Road Rage Meditation. ~ Sarah Lynn

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We’ve all been here…

Already running late in the morning and traffic is at a complete stand-still. The driver in front of you seems to be simultaneously chatting on the phone while applying makeup, and somehow fitting in the chore of operating a motor vehicle. On your way home from a long day, someone cuts you off and sets your heart to hummingbird speed.

Driving has always been a source of anxiety for me.

As the world grows larger and the roads don’t appear to accommodate this spread the rage on the road is at an all-time high. Frustration on the road leads to anger, stress, anxiety and, at extremes, even accidents and violence. Getting behind the wheel can be scary sometimes, especially knowing that more than half of all drivers admit to having road rage.

This five minute meditation will help us slow down, breathe and arrive in the current moment—the most important time of all—to make your way home safely and calmly.

Finding Peace on the Road: Five Minute Meditation

Become aware of your breath right now.

Notice the pattern of your breathing. How long or short is each breath? Does it feel staggered or short? Is it high up in your chest or low in the belly? How does it make you feel?

Try not to attach any judgement or feelings or reasoning behind it, just notice it.

Take a deep breath into your belly see how slowly and how far it can travel up in toward your chest, then slowly, calmly let it go—let it all go.

Allow your journey to unfold at its own pace.

Your journey is not affected by the people around you; your path will take you exactly where you need to go.

You are not affected by your surroundings. Stop worrying about them and wasting your energy on where it’s not needed.

Repeat: I am truly, deeply calm.

Draw fresh air slowly in through your nose, and as you exhale feel the tension in your shoulders melt.

Soften your forehead and relax your tongue.

There are so many people in the world and we all follow our own paths.

Sometimes our paths cross and they don’t always lead in the same direction; do not allow others paths to interfere with yours.

Allow them to be on their way; they are on their own path. Concentrate on your path and have faith that life will lead you in the right direction.

Draw in another fresh breath.

Feel the pressure melt away from your temples, your inner ears and even your brain.

Separate your teeth, and curl your lips over your teeth so you feel the bridge between the nose and the top lip stretch.

Now open your mouth wide and soften the jaw muscles, stretch into them, then lift the cheeks into a smile.

Inhale deeply through your nose and notice the feeling of the breath passing across the bridge below the nostrils as you inhale and exhale. Take two more breaths like this.

Now relax your face, but keep your focus on the feeling of that soft, calm breath entering your body, softening your mind and carrying your tension away.

Photo: Nick Page/flickr

I am peaceful so that I can live in peace with others.

Focus your attention on your mind, and as you take a deep breath in, imagine your mind filling with calm, peaceful energy. Exhale, releasing that love back into the world.

I am peaceful so that I can live in peace with others.

Now imagine your breath travels down to your heart, as it inflates with soft, calm energy.

I am peaceful so that I can live in peace with others.

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Photo: epSos .de/flickr

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