October 24, 2014

The Problem with First World Problems. {Video}

First World problems

This morning I knocked an incense burner full of ash off of my dresser and onto the floor as I was trying to free my hair straightener from the tangled web that is my power surge, home to cords for my fan, three chargers for three different devices, and a lamp.

I was furious with the mess. First world problems—am I right?

For quite some time, the trending #FirstWorldProblems has appeared on almost every Internet platform there is. You’ve likely said the words, whether seriously or ironically, to your friends as you roll your eyes and add more sugar to your weak coffee that the barista didn’t make quite right, or take the stairs up two flights because of a broken elevator.

And let’s not forget about its evil spawn, the “I literally can’t even.” The two phenomena refer to the daily hiccups we encounter, how they enrage us, and how they—because of the objects and incidences they relate to—could only occur in the first world.

Yet, rather than be humbled by this factor, we merely accept it.

I’ll admit, there are times my friends and I have jokingly scoffed at or just listed our own myriad “problems” that fall under this category. True, we are doing so in a way that mocks the existence of the concept, but is that enough? Surely, those with third world problems wouldn’t find the humor in it.

Using your smart phone, desktop, tablet, or whatever is in hand and without a dead battery, watch this PSA by WATERisLIFE, where those living in third world conditions read off of a script filled with “documented” first world problems.

If this doesn’t give you some perspective, well, then you just might have #OutOfThisWorldProblems.

So now that you’ve watched this (and possibly donated), your next challenge is long term. It will take practice and patience and you’ll have to remind yourself to do it constantly.

Are you ready?

Be grateful.

That is all.

There may be evil forces keeping those in poverty that way, but those who suffer surely didn’t ask for that kind of life. And those who are privileged, to be fair, didn’t choose their hand either.

Yes, you can give to others and take less for yourself, but it won’t reverse your role in society. So accept who you are, take note of the problems in your life (hey, we all have problems, big and small, and not all are materialistic!) and have gratitude that this is as bad as it will get, for the moment.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: screenshot from video  

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Read 3 comments and reply

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