October 22, 2014

There are Three Sources of Lasting Happiness.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/crdot/ “You Don’t Need to Buy This.” This little talk represents the second kind of happiness. Watching it, feeling your heart and mind connect with his words, you’ll feel it. Is Consumerism ruining Happiness? (youtube.com) “One of the fundamental aspects of consumer capitalism seems to be the eradication of happiness and contentment to encourage supplementing yourself with goods you don’t need. So, the premise of most selling is something is lacking in you (your hair isn’t shiny enough, your teeth aren’t white enough, etc.) that you can fix with some product. Unfortunately, these promises are usually bound up with deep seated fears (loneliness, sickness) that no product is going to assuage. So we create needless anxiety to encourage consumption, and the consumptive act does little if anything to address that anxiety. On a broader social level, as we all work harder and harder for less wages to buy all this useless crap, our free time disappears and the leisure and true contentment you can get from friends, family, etc. becomes less available, compounding the problem.”

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