November 20, 2014

Accepting & Transforming Emotions.


I feel angry.

Really angry.

And you know what? It’s awesome. I like feeling angry.

What a liberating emotion.

Some times things are really shit. Maybe you find out something which completely flips your reality upside down, maybe you experience a trauma for the first time or maybe a suppressed trauma resurfaces.

Either way, it makes you angry. Really angry.

Like, face burning, muscle twitching, can’t-control-body-movements sort of angry.

Don’t suppress it. Don’t try and push it back down. Just let it out.

Let it all out.

Because in my experience, that is your best bet towards healing.

Get physical with it, punch and scream into your pillow, go running through a forest and yell at the top of your lungs.

Let it all out.

But then stop.

Sit with the emotion. Identify it is as anger, frustration, rage. Recognize it for what it is. And just sit.

Feel it. Feel the shit out of it. Experience it. Be with it.

It is you, you are it, you are one.

Now let it go. Watch it transform into something else.

Maybe it’s time for sadness to appear.


Sob. Soak your pillow with tears. Create a whole new over-the-top way of crying.

Let it all out.

Now stop. Sit with it. Be with it. Feel it.

Accept it.

Watch it transform.

What’s next?

Maybe, deep down, you feel lighter. Maybe, deep down, you feel an element of peace, of a quiet stillness.

It’s in there, somewhere, it’s there, it’s waiting to come up, but you need to allow the anger, the sadness, and whatever else needs to happen, happen.

So just sit with it. Feel it. Accept it. Be with it.

Watch it transform.


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Author: Sarah Moyes

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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