November 2, 2014

Let’s Vote From Our Yoga Mats. {Poem}

peace and light

What if we took our mats to the bank

to the dentist

to the accountant

to the courtroom


what if we worked from our mats at the office

and talked to our kids only on our mats

or went to war with our enemies from there


better us better world


may every step you take on your journey

be on your yoga mat


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Author: Michael Mark

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Saurabh Narang at Pixoto 


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Michael Mark

Michael Mark bows to all his Teachers. He is a hospice volunteer and long distance walker. His poetry has been published in Red Booth Review,Every Day Poets, Scapegoat, Camel Saloon, OutsideIn Magazine, The Thing Itself, Silver Birch Press, elephant journal, The New Verse News, Word Soup End Hunger and other nice places. He invites you to follow him on @michaelgrow so he can follow you, in case he gets lost.