November 4, 2014

New York’s Skyline Is Whole Again.

new york ground zero world trade

After 13 years, The World Trade Center is now open for business.

Imagine the nerves, the excitement.

For the few coming back that worked in the trade centers pre-9/11, the memories are stronger than ever.

I wonder if the group of ambitious, fearless young people going to work today are aware of the historical magnitude of their new work space. After all, 18-year-olds today were only five years old in 2001.

Thankfully, employees can enter knowing that they’re spending their day in the most secure building in the city. Most people in America don’t take this into consideration when going to work.

Feeling safe is a luxury we often take for granted.

It must bring mixed emotions to the citizens of New York. Ground zero is thriving— sparkly and new, with almost 60,000 more residents living in the area now, compared to before 9/11. With a dramatic face-lift and business now going on as usual, will people start to forget what happened here?

The general opinion is: Of course not. This is a positive thing for the city.

One NYC worker  commented, “I think it’s great. People can start putting that tragedy behind them. Of course no one will ever forget, but they certainly can begin to heal.”

A Brooklyn resident who views the center from his apartment every day says, “Today feels pretty good. A return to normalcy. I’d be interested to go up to the top. To sort of face my own fear about what it was like up at the top that day.”

Another says, “You can hit us hard, but we will survive. The opening is symbolic of how resilient and fortunate we are as a nation.”

And some are still apprehensive. One woman said, “I will stay down on the ground at the memorial. I kind of agree with Chris Rock— it’s the “I’m not going there building.”

Our thoughts are with you today, NYC. Thank you for being brave, then and always.



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Author: Megan Ridge Morris 

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Anthony Quintano at Flickr 

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