December 20, 2014

Last New Moon of 2014: Perfect timing to Set Intentions.

new moon
The last New Moon of 2014 falls in the ambitious sign of Capricorn.

It will take place on December 21st/22nd (depending on your time zone). 

It’ll pack a ton of zing into our zang and perhaps help many of us get into DO mode and get something going that we’ve been meaning to for a  while.

Capricorn style is about to take over the Zodiac.

By the time the last new moon of the year hits, we’ll have five planets shimmering in true Capricorn radiance. And, let’s face it—this is a sign that looks good—no matter what.

Don’t be fooled, however, it’s not just about looks with Capricorn. 

This is a sign that does something. It’s a task master—responsibility taker and goal implementer. It’s willing to put in the hard work and will always get the job done. One of the drawbacks, because there always has to be something, is that it can cause us to over-do-it in the do department. 

So,  it’s important to watch our boundaries when this energy is running high.

The Capricorn energy also has a tendency to take on too much and feel guilty for not being able to get it all done. If anyone has ever told us to “lighten up” it’s because the Capricorn in us was on overload.

There’s a lot happening around this New Moon that will help give us a power boost and likely give that extra push to get all the holiday stuff done. More powerfully however, this energy gives us some help in setting important goals in 2015.

Uranus, the planet that used to rule over Capricorn, will also be in the limelight during this New Moon. 

This is important to know because this is a planet likes to excite and give us a jolt. He’s been moving retro since late July and he’s now ready to move it forward. 

Any plans we might have put on the back burner in the summer could pick up our interest or crop up again. Things may align now to make whatever it was that you wanted then happen now.

While the energy behind this New Moon isn’t the easiest—it helps to put something in motion.  Capricorn is, after all, about hard work and if we’re looking to take on a new project this New Moon could be just the ticket

Just remember not to fall into the Capricorn shadow and take on too much or beat yourself up for being realistic and practical about the outcome.



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Author:Crystal Bichalski

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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