January 23, 2015

Ready for Love? Here’s How to Use Your Brain to Attract It.

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Tired of Being Alone? Here’s how to Break Your Past and Start Over In Love.

Let’s face it: we’re all ultimately alone on this journey of life, but the truth is, life is kinda sweeter in the company of another, especially someone you love.

So if you’re tired of being alone and feel ready for love, please realize the first step is knowing you’re ready—the second is preparation.

Laying a foundation for love requires us to let go of the past and begin anew without old baggage. It’s been said that if you carry old bricks from your past relationship into your new one, you’ll build the same old house that fell before.

So I’m going to help you clear the slate in two ways: mentally and physically.

First we’ll dive into clearing our mental space.

Mentally preparing for love might sound cold and clinical, but science has proven what spiritual teachings support: we create the world around us to match our inner thought patterns.

Like something out of a science fiction movie, our amazing brain, with its many functions and miracles, actually dictates our life experience. What we feed it thought-wise ultimately controls our experience of love.

As we look forward toward the possibility of someone new after a breakup, it’s time to clear out old dysfunctional beliefs and outdated thought patterns.

Any time we have a belief and think a thought, there’s a key player in the brain called the left pre-frontal cortex (LPFC) that looks for examples in life to substantiate our thought and stops at nothing to prove our thinking correct.

Remember the saying, “looking at life through rose-colored glasses?

Negative beliefs work in the opposite direction of rose colored glasses.

Once we have an ingrained belief, the LPFC immediately begins to evaluate everything it sees, hears and feels to prove our beliefs to be true. This is called neuro mapping.

When we think a thought based on the past, such as, men cheat, women will drag you to the altar, or love hurts, we lay down another neuro pathway.

The more neuro pathways we have, the busier our LPFC is out looking for proof. Can you say hypersensitive?  Yep—your brain is literally looking for proof that love isn’t safe and doesn’t last.

Want an example? The minute we buy a red car, we start to see all the other red cars out there on the road. The mere act of buying a new red car lays down tons of neuro pathways for red car. All those red car neuro pathways are on high alert and suddenly you see them everywhere.

Our brains have been proven to be elastic, not fixed, which means we actually change our brain with our every thought.

This also means our past does not have to equal our future.

With our every thought, we have two choices: we can deepen our current negative neuro pathways or we can create new, positive neuro pathways. We have the ability to literally starve out our old thought patterns and flood the brain with new positive thoughts.

Think about the ramifications this has on your love life.

When we’ve been hurt in the past, it makes sense that we’re going to be hyper-sensitive for a while because our brain is on the look out for more pain; but what happens when time goes by and we’re ready to love again?

While we might think we’re ready for love, until we clean up our mental patterns, we’re going to look at every relationship potential through cloudy glasses for proof that love hurts—sadly missing the possibility that might be present because we’re literally blind to it.

Whatever you believe—good or bad—out goes your left prefrontal cortex to evaluate the world around you and prove your thoughts correct. Think happy, loving thoughts while believing in the goodness of your partner, and your LPC is out there looking for proof that all is well in your world.

Think thoughts like: there are no good women/men left or love doesn’t last, and your LPF is out there looking for proof. Good or bad, your left prefrontal cortex has your back and will prove your every thought to be correct.

Now, we understand scientifically why falling in love makes everything feel better. Colors are brighter, smells are sweeter and the whole world seems to be lovelier, because our happy thoughts trigger our LPF to look for more things to be happy about.

So how do we close the door on the past and move forward toward what we do want?

I have a few exercises for you to begin this process.

If love has been disappointing in the past, it’s important to take note of the negative beliefs you’ve accumulated over a lifetime. Who we attract in our life is a direct reflection of our self-esteem and our beliefs. Until we heal our insides, the outside world won’t reflect our deepest desires.

Please read each exercise thoroughly before beginning and don’t skip a step, remember you are literally reprogramming yourself.

Exercise 1:

I suggest doing this in the evening before bedtime.

Find a safe and comfortable spot where you can have some privacy in case you need to cry, yell or scream. Now gather some blank paper and a pen. Please do not use your computer to do this exercise, it’s important to let your thoughts flow out your head, through your heart and out your hand onto the paper.

It’s time to uncover your negative beliefs about love.

Perhaps deep down you believe that people cheat or can’t be trusted. Maybe you think relationships are hard, don’t last, or take too much of your time. Do you believe you can’t do relationship well or have a hard time communicating?

Write all of your negative thoughts down. Use past relationship memories as fodder for this exercise, you’ll be surprised at what comes to the surface.

When we open the gates on old memories, we create a breaking of the emotional dam so to speak and forgotten negative beliefs are released.

Once you’ve completed your list, take some time to reread each line silently. When you feel complete, cut these memories into strips leaving each sentence legible.

Now it’s time to play urban shaman. A shaman is a healer that uses the power of the elements and nature to move energy and create healing.

We’re going to call in the transformational power of fire and the cleansing power of water right in the comfort of your own bathroom. Find something soft to sit on in front of your toilet. Light your candle and one by one, read your negative beliefs out loud. Next, light the strip of paper on fire over your toilet until you can no longer safely hold it and then let it drop into the water.

As you watch each negative belief burn, imagine the energy of that belief leaving your body and your life. When you’ve burned  them, flush the toilet and say a prayer or blessing of gratitude. At this point, you might like to burn some sage or incense to purify the air, and then slip into a hot shower or bath before heading to bed. Exposing old beliefs can leave you feeling vulnerable and raw, so be gentle with yourself this evening.

Exercise 2 (to be done the next day):

Now I’ll show you how to seal the deal with this next exercise.

I want you to literally rewrite your stories on love. Take those negative thoughts you’ve had and those negative memories and turn them around.

Men/Women can be trusted.

Love is here for me.

I am lovable.

Relationships flow with ease.

I am a great communicator.

I do relationship well.  


The left prefrontal cortex needs to be engaged and interested on a daily basis to create new neuro pathways, otherwise we fall into old habits.

Ever wonder why vacations are so wonderful? Sure getting away is nice, but when we’re surrounded by new sights, sounds and experiences, the LPF is engaged and firing. When the LPF is engaged, we are ripe to create permanent new change in our life. It’s like saying: hey pay attention LPF, I want you to write a new neuro pathway for me right now, and it does.

So… the very best way to grab your brain’s attention and feed it a new belief about love is to change things up in your home.

Rearrange your furniture, clear out clutter, move the items in one kitchen cabinet over to another kitchen cabinet, switch your bathroom toiletries into new places and rearrange all of your drawers. Each time you go to grab something in it’s old location and realize it’s no longer there, you have gained your LPFC’s attention and can reinforce the new belief patterns you are adopting.

When we combine our new beliefs about love daily with the changes around our home, we literally light the LPF on fire to create permanent change.

Not up for rearranging things? Brush your teeth with your non dominant hand, take a new route to work, rearrange your desk drawers, or stop eating anything you eat on a daily basis and instead mix it up. Each time you experience something new, your LPF says huh?, and boom—you’ve got its attention and can feed it with your new belief list.

Clearing the slate for new love isn’t hard, but like anything good in life, it just takes a little mindful effort.

Mindful effort with your brain engaged and listening.



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Author: Tamara Star

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Hey Paul Studios/Flickr

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