February 13, 2015

A Soul-F*cking-Mate. {Adult}

 Soul Fucking

A Soul-F*cking-Mate.

According to the urban dictionary, a Soul F*ck is: “when you look into someone’s eyes, and you are so connected with that person that it feels like your souls are making love.”

“Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that is created in a moment, it will not be created in years or even a lifetime.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

A Soul-F*cking-Mate is rare.

There is no denying, no questioning, no reason nor rhyme for the indescribable feeling when a soul mate f*cks your soul.

The reason I have used the term Soul-F*cking-Mate is because the penetration of the energy quite literally f*cks the soul. However, it is not just the soul that is f*cked, the qualities and characteristics of a Soul Mate combine with the Higher Self to create a cosmic blend, which has a high, intensive and mind-blowing energy that penetrates deeply into the soul and beyond.

To understand what a Soul-F*cking-Mate is, to know it, to feel it, to experience all that it holds, is not something that is a choice, it cannot be searched for, nor forced, it just happens.

Until it ignites, there are no words to pin down the incredible, exquisite power that this fusion has, or how it will impact thoughts, actions and the physical body.

It can spin the compass of life around to point in an entirely opposing direction, usually when least expected and it will often appear to shock and alert us to what we already knew on the inside, but didn’t quite grasp on a conscious level.

When the first meeting takes place, there is a high sense of awakening, as everything in life can appear brand new, seen through open eyes for the very first time. This is the rising of Kundalini energy, which raises the Hara chakra and removes blockages caused by past experiences.

A Soul-F*cking-Mate is a little different than a Soul Mate. Soul Mates can exist in relationships, friendships, with family members and even with strangers when there is recognition of an immediate and deep resonance.

However, when the soul is f*cked, it feels entirely different than any other relationship and for many people it is a once in a lifetime connection, purely because the attraction and intimacy are incredibly strong—it will magnetize and hold two people together through every life obstacle, however great or small.

The intensity that is felt will also remain strong. It will not feel the same as falling in love and then finding comfort in a more settled but complete version of love.

With a Soul-F*cking-Mate the highs felt in the throes of first love will remain embedded deep within and continue so every day will feel like the very first.

When Soul-F*cking-Mates meet, it is similar to a Twin Soul connection. The feeling is euphoric, mystical and magical as every part of the mind, body and soul are consumed. It is not to be confused with a lustful, emotional or physical attraction. Often we can be attracted to someone physically and mentally, or soulfully any combination.

A Soul-F*cking-Mate connection happens when the mind, the body, the ethereal, the physical and the spiritual are perfectly aligned and are all vibrating on the same levels.

The reason for the enhanced connection is that it is happening within the Higher Self, it is an outer body, etheric resonation that is very little to do with the physical body. That said, however, the physical body will be immensely impacted when the spiritual connection resounds through both individuals.

A Soul-F*cking-Mate connection occurs when the alchemy of two individuals combine to create an explosive recognition between the two which then results in a life changing energy force.

As the resonance is ethereal, it does not require any physical connection of the two bodies.

All previous limitations of sexual activity disperse. Lovemaking will take place without the need for touch. The ecstasy that was once felt through being physically penetrated, will be experienced from the moment the two souls meet and this will continue for a lifetime.

There will be a constant flow of sexual energy travelling at a very high frequency which then brings tantric sex in to play, creating an endless orgasmic ripple to run through the mind, body and soul and beyond, continuously with no effort at all.

As the two make love, whether physically, or in the ethereal, cosmic energy will fill every aspect of each person and the two will experience intense levels of bonding as though their two selves have been fused.

Multiple orgasms will take place as the sensations run not solely through the genitals, but, also through one another, through the Higher Self, through the physical body and in and out of the emotional, mental and spiritual sides of each one too.

This primal dance will continue and come and go constantly, raising the vibrations to orgasmic level, then releasing as the energy flows passionately and with force, in and out, from one to the other.

Using the second body as a channel, the soul mates will be able to experience heightened sexual pleasure, which will travel through one body to the other without them needing to be in close proximity.

All prior belief systems regarding relationships, sexual or otherwise will be broken down and replaced with a limitless understanding of one another’s needs.

Communication is not necessary, touch is not necessary and the visual is not necessary.

The Higher Self is in tune with everything, there will be little desire for explanation or reasoning, both parties will at once understand all that they need to know.

Another thing that feels different than other connections—empathy levels are elevated so that both individual’s are keenly aware of what the other person is experiencing at all times—they will feel each other’s emotions and physical sensations almost as though they were their own.

All wounds from the past can be healed, life takes on a whole new meaning, the impossible becomes possible and a whole new set of belief systems and understanding are unveiled.

Judgements are disolved, faith is renewed and boundaries are no longer important. The trust in one another is complete and the mind is fully open to a whole new world of adventure.

The love is profound and one that is so precious, nothing and no one will harm it, it will be one that is created in an instant and will last for all lifetimes.


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