February 23, 2015

An Ode to the Wild Ones.

Jennie Rideout for article

This is for those not afraid of standing out in a society built around fitting in, for those who refuse to be controlled by expectations of others or perceived social norms.

This is for those who stand bravely, rooted in their truth and courageous enough to scream it from a mountain top when challenged.

This is for those who don’t take anything too seriously, aware of the fact that even life’s most important moments can be embraced with a sense of love and laughter.

This is for those who look around and are disturbed by the increasing amount of sanitization in society. How we are more shocked by topics of gay marriage and abortion than we are by the endless amount of war, poverty and exploitation.

This is for those who revel in their single life as an individual, knowing that time spent alone isn’t a waste but instead the most valuable time you can spend. For those who understand that they do not need a partner to tell you that you’re beautiful, or smart, or caring, or worthy, because they tell themselves those things everyday.

This is for those who are not afraid to say no or set boundaries and honor them.

This is for those who are not afraid to make mistakes, because they know that this is where our greatest learning stems from.

This is for those who dream of being wild and free, some place untouched by the industrialized hand of man, a place money and greed has not yet wrapped its fingers around.

We are not meant to be tame, to be domesticated. We are wild, brilliant creations of Mother Earth, meant to taste, smell, breath and live every aspect of life. We are meant to feel the sun with our bare skin, the ground with our bare feet and love with our bare hearts.

This is for my brothers and sisters who refuse to play by the rules, for those who speak loving words of empowerment and inspiration in a world full of disbelievers and pessimists.

This is for my fellow activists who find freedom in speaking the truth about racism, sexism, corporate greed and false democracies even when met with hate and judgement. I salute those fellow peaceful warriors, even if their voice shakes—especially if their voice shakes, because  that’s when we know we’re saying something important.

This is for those who refuse to follow the norms dished out by media corporations hoping to make us feel bad about the way we look, feel, act, think and dress in hopes that so that we will hand over too-small paychecks to them in an attempt to fix ourselves.

This is for those who know their worth and know that it’s not attached to the name brand on their shoes or their car.

This is for those who refuse to buy into the lie that the one who dies with the most expensive toys wins.

And most importantly, this is for those who wish they had the courage to stand tall and firm in what they believe.

Trust me, you do. It’s there inside. All we have to do is close our eyes, take a deep breath and feel the power within. We are here, we are alive, and we are just as magnificent as the stars. Don’t let anyone (even yourself) tell you that you’re not brave, that you’re not courageous.

You are. And in every moment you are worthy of all the beautiful things in this world.

We have been treated like sheep, with political and corporate leaders declaring that they know what’s best. That life and civilization would cease to function “properly” if we were left to our own accord. But we have been fooled.

We are not sheep. We are lions, we are wolves, we are beautiful stallions running free in the sunlight. We are powerful, loving and intelligent beyond our wildest dreams.

This is for you. Don’t let them tame you.

Stay wild.


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Author: Jennie Rideout

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: via the author 

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