February 11, 2015

Ancient Style, Modern Beauty. {Video}

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What does it mean to be beautiful?

It seems to be a question every generation and every culture has asked. Every generation has also answered this question in their own unique way. This video takes three modern women from different backgrounds and gives them a makeover that their ancestors would approve.

It’s pretty fascinating to see. Some of those ancient looks wouldn’t be too out of place walking down the street today, or walking down a modern runway. Some trends have persisted, like eye make up and lipstick. But of course others have been passed over or replaced—after all, not many of us walk around wearing gold and bejeweled headdresses anymore.

When we know a little about the history of fashion and beauty, I think it produces a strangely freeing feeling. At least that’s the case for me. I look at this and realize that what’s in style now will probably look pretty weird a few years down the line. But it also makes me curious about what elements from current fashion might stick.

What will stand the test of time?

We all get to participate in that decision, and that’s the cool bit. It also connects us with the past, with our heritage. Like heavy eye make-up? You have that in common with the ancient Indians, and with the ancient Egyptians.

Like wearing your hair in a bun on top of your head? Looks like the Tang dynasty Chinese would have approved.

For me that makes the whole experience richer and takes the the frivolousness out of the fashion. What’s trendy is often arbitrary and what makes some trends come and go often seems mysterious. But when we look back and see what lasted, we find that people now are not so different than people long ago. And that’s pretty darn cool.



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