February 26, 2015

How a Simple Spoon United a Couple.


A man came home late after work with desire for his woman.

The woman, being alone most of the day, did not respond to him because she felt abandoned. The man then felt rejected. They slept back to back, staying up all night and wondering about the other. Their minds overpowered their hearts. Feelings of resentment and misunderstanding grew.

The man thought about what he had done, the hours he had worked, how he had approached her. He came up with a plan. He’d bring her a token of his affection.

A few days later, the man came home with the token of his affection behind his back. When the man and woman made eye contact, they paused. They both wanted to say something hurtful about the other night. They wanted to blame each other for their dissatisfaction. As the woman opened her mouth to speak, the man got onto one knee and held a spoon up toward her.

He said: With this spoon, I choose you first. With this spoon, your fulfillment is as important as my own.

They sat down eating off of two separate plates but sharing one spoon. The woman got desperate and said, I want my own spoon. The man responded, I give you mine, and although he wanted to say, please give it back when you are done, he didn’t.

The woman ate all her food and brought the plate and spoon to the sink to be washed. The man brought his plate filled with food to the sink and walked away.

They continued to eat on two plates with one spoon. The woman would eat as the man shared details about his day. The woman began to laugh as she ate, because he was a great storyteller.

Days passed. The woman felt safe and ready to share. She finished about half of her plate and handed him the spoon. Hesitantly, he took the spoon and began to eat. She began to talk about her day and the man, while he ate, looked to her with understanding. Then he handed her the spoon. He continued with his jokes and she smiled between bites. She then handed him back the spoon. This time he took it without hesitancy but with great appreciation.

Before they got up from the table, the woman turned to the man and said:

I took the spoon you gave me and I wanted it for myself. Then I began to listen. I took the spoon and it allowed me to understand you, your desires, why you maintain your barriers, why you work late. I took the spoon you gave me and I cherished it, as I cherished your stories. Then I took the spoon with compassion and an open heart and I gave it back to you.

I take this spoon, and I give myself to you.


Author: Ashley Martinez

Editor: Caroline Beaton

Photo: Flickr

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