February 24, 2015

The Brilliance of You & Me. {Poem}

Randen Pederson/Flickr

For three tropical nights
I gazed in wonder
At a million shining stars
The likes of which
I’ve never seen before
Most were not in the sky
I spied them in my lover’s eye
I felt them in his eager, gentle kiss
My heart never beat so strong
As when these stars
Coursed through my very veins
My eyes never shone so bright
As during those lusty nights
I will gaze at stars I know are there
That no longer can I see
The undecorated version of Orion
Still a splendor worth attention
If faith is believing
That which we cannot see
I will always believe
In the brilliance of you and me



Author: Celeste Shea

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Randen Pederson/Flickr

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