March 2, 2015

If Gods were Joy & Prayer were Dance.


What if our gods were joy and our prayers were dance?

How, then, would our bodies chant their praises of creation?

Imagine such a world of kinetic inspiration—where the bereaved undulate in mournful ululation, and the blessed coil in spirals of adoration. Where hands join in a fluttering flow of supplication; where arms spread wide and hearts leap in gambols of revelation.

Sashays of gratitude and conga lines of lifting moods would surely circle the Earth—herself endlessly spinning in blissful solitude. Leaves in the wind would dance their truth while children learned from their demonstration.

Women’s hips and the sea’s lips and horses’ hooves would all glide to the same tune—the moon’s glow a mystical jukebox in the sky with unlimited credit to groove. Oh, and the sands—the sands and the shapes of shifting dunes would roll through the softest rumba of time.

Can your body imagine that universe of movement, where joy is sustenance, sovereign and law? Where words become pirouettes and conversations a cacophony of connection. Where sinners and saints alike stomp an eternal dance of reverence for the forces of space. Where the very mountains bend to the incessant tapping of Time’s toes and stones curve around the gods’ raucous can-can.

Such a world exists, in fact, and we are dancing in it.

Can you open your soul’s ears to that omnipresent hum of joy and step into the biggest celebration you will ever know? Let’s go. Time is tapping and Joy is clapping, so take off your shoes and shake your hips—twirl open, and dance.


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Author: Toby Israel

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Pixabay, Deviant Art

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