March 12, 2015

Love Letters from a Parallel World.

Photo: Holly Lay via Flickr.

Love letter 1
To: My Body

Dear Body,

How does our day look in the mirror today? Have we been able to stand in front of it and meditate for a while?

There’s no need to escape anything dear body, it is what it is. Someone once said that art is the belief of beauty and we’re beautiful—maybe we believe with difficulty, yet we are. We’re like contemporary art—it needs effort and thinking to see the art in it, so does it with us.

You see the little and many stretch marks all over us are battle scars and we are warriors, you and I.

Those are the molded aches of our story. The scars, the folds and the cellulite are all a reflection of strength. Who could’ve bore that much pain as you did? Who would’ve dealt differently with their emotional insecurities? Don’t we all have different types of fillers? The heaviness is that of the missing infrastructure of our soul like metal pieces bound to broken bones to keep them healthy.

I understand how lonely and cold some nights are and how you escaped back to a breast feeding phase like a child; all you do is eat and sleep. I understand that the child in you is still mourning, being lost and battered. I understand that sometimes you needed more than what was on your plate and at times you had no plate at all.

I am sorry I allowed myself to be tormented in such a way and unintentionally turned you into a handicapped reflection of me.

Like a painter, you’ve engraved your brushes’ strokes all over us like a canvas. If someone saw you naked, they could see your inner soul; they could see me, they could see our story and our core. We would no longer need words or prolonged painful explanations of our situation, the reasons behind them were sculpted because it’s all there; the transparency of a heavy soul.

I am grateful and humbled by your incredible ability to accept me for who I am and how you’ve grown out of the culture’s prejudice, how you proved to yourself the capability of doing everything everyone told you, you could never do without the need to prove anything to them.

I am stunned by your perseverance and compassion. I am honestly at a loss of words when I find you still able to forgive and sympathize with those who bullied you for so long leaving you nothing but hatred. You, my dear, were able to turn hatred into love like magic.

Think of us as a rich thick book, of course light reads are sometimes needed as a getaway from the burden of heaviness but what’s life without a burden? We bring meaning to this world; you and I, we’d add a lot to whoever chooses to carry us with all the heaviness that comes with us then reads us.

Thank you for the unconditional love, for the kind approach to sensitivity and for making me as real as anyone else.

I am sorry I ever wished to have a different body.

I now realize I can never have a better partner.

Your Soul.



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Author: Nadine Badrawy

Volunteer Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Holly Lay via Flickr.

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