March 31, 2015

Songs on Repeat: March.

music flowers

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Now for March…

It’s taken me a bit longer to write my music blog this month (oops it’s the 31st). Life has been a little hectic—that’s always the excuse though, right? I asked Emily our Managing Editor what I should write about and she asked me, “Why do you continue to create this blog each month?” I thought about it for a minute… I do it because it brings our elephant journal staff together. It gives us an excuse to stop focusing on our todo lists and have a human moment—connecting through music.

Here’s a challenge for you, dear reader: curate your own playlist with your co-workers, family or friends. It’ll help you understand those people slightly better and you’ll have some rockin’ new tunes. If inspired, add your playlist to the comment section below.

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” Maya Angelou


My Picks:


Renee’s Pick:

Emily’s Pick:

Travis’ Picks:

Caroline’s Pick:

Emma’s Pick:

Cat’s Pick:

Lindsey’s Pick:

Meredith’s Pick:

Waylon’s Pick:

Katarina’s Pick:

Ashleigh’s Pick:

Dave’s Pick:


Feel free to leave a comment below with your I-can’t-get-this-song-out-of-my-head tune and we might post it on our Elephant Radio page.


Author: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Oh the Lovely Things


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Melina Powers Jun 5, 2016 12:49am

I heard the Begging for thread song on the radio for the first time today. I loved the melody. That is interesting that it showed up here too. The lyrics aren't what drew me in and instead the melody and vocals....yes.

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Rachel Nussbaum

Rachel Nussbaum is a yogini and craft beer enthusiast, living in Boulder, Colorado. She can be found hitting the slopes, hiking the Flatirons, running along the Boulder Creek Path, drinking an IPA (or stout depending on the season) or searching for the most delicious ethnic food in town. Rachel tries to “go with the flow” and be spontaneous but is a controlling introvert at heart. Connect with Rachel on Facebook and Instagram.