April 12, 2015

Forget Everything & Remember This.

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Right now, let go of everything, step outside, take a full breath of fresh air, look up to the sky and feel your feet firmly placed on the ground.

You are grounded to this earth.

You are part of something unique that is spinning around in a universe. You exist on a shared planet, a place where over seven billion people and billions upon billions of creatures exist.

And you are unique.

One of a kind. There is no one else out there quite like you. Always remember that. And always celebrate it.

You are exquisitely imperfectly absolutely perfect.

You are part of nature. You are alive. So live, fully!

Breathe out, breathe in, feel the breeze on your skin, the sun, the rain, the warmth or the cold. It is magnificent. The air that you breathe is essential in keeping you alive. Each breath that you take is vital.

Be grateful for every one.

Take a pen, and a piece of paper. Write to someone you love or care about, or anyone at all. Handwrite a few words, or a few paragraphs, anything! And post the letter.

Pick up the phone. Dial the number of someone you’ve been meaning to contact. Hear their voice on the other end of the line.


Be grateful for the opportunity to connect in this way. Tell them what you’ve been meaning to say, or let them know what they mean to you, or just absorb in how it feels to talk. Appreciate the amazement that the world provided all that we needed to create technology that allow us to talk to those that are too far away to communicate in person. It’s quite miraculous!

Visit. Take a little time away from your schedule and go see that one person you’ve been meaning to see. Or pop next door or down the road, take some home baked cookies and share them with someone who is alone. Let them know your number and tell them they can visit of call you anytime they need to talk.

Take a walk. But, before you go, take a bag of left over food or nourishment that is in the kitchen. Scatter it in the forest, or next to trees or along the riverside or anywhere that hungry animals may find it. They are on this planet trying to survive just like us, and they will be grateful to feed themselves and possibly their babies for another day.

Smile. At whoever passes by, find the courage to not just smile, but to say, “Hi, how’s your day?”

If they don’t respond, let it go.

You may never see them again, or if you do, they’ll just remember what you said and might just have the courage to say “Hi” back next time. It doesn’t mean they are rude or ignorant for not responding, they probably just aren’t used to someone friendly reaching out to them.

So, just continue to smile, it’s contagious, it spreads like wildfire!

Share. Pack up clothes or blankets or household items that are no longer used and share with those who may need them. Donate to a charity, a local dog shelter, put an advert on a local site, “free to collector,” someone somewhere will silently thank the universe for answering their call. Pack a pair of new quality socks in your bag next time you go out shopping, or even add new underwear, a thermal t-shirt or whatever you can afford. The next time you see someone living on the streets ask them if they would welcome them. Yes, a coffee of lunch is important to them, but the simple things like fresh clothes may also be a luxury.

Stop for a moment and ask them how their day is going.


Eat outside. Pack a basket, take a blanket, something delicious to drink and choose a beautiful spot to settle down. Go into the garden, to the beach, to a grassy park, sit under trees in the forest, or by the river and take in everything while you slowly nourish the body as well as the mind.

Read. Take a paperback book, one that you’ve been meaning to read and settle down somewhere cosy.

Go outdoors, or snuggle in bed, or relax into your favourite armchair… anywhere where you are fully at peace. Savour each word. Lose yourself temporarily within the chapters. Don’t think about anything other than each sentence that is delivered. Reading is magic.

Let go. Let go of all the tension, all the worries, the fear, frustrations, anger, resentments and anything else that is harbouring in your mind, body and cells. It does no good. It is the past or the future. Exist in this very moment, this one now. Feel the release and notice the weight falling from your shoulders. Breathe and breathe again. Each time the mind strays to negative waters, nudge it back—gently. And breathe once more.

Have no expectations for any of the above.

Don’t expect a call to be answered, a letter in return, anyone to be thankful or for anything to come back from anything that you do. Do it because you can. As, for the simple fact that you are reading this text right now means that you are privileged more than most.

Give just a little, or a lot, or a medium amount, anything at all, it doesn’t matter how great or how small, and give it with no conditions. Give a little time, a smile, a connection, compassion or a material gift.

Don’t expect to feel “better” or “greater” because of the actions. Expect to feel connected, to yourself and all other living things.

Connection is the greatest gift you will receive in return. Even if there is no response to your actions, the connection has still been made…

Connect with yourself, and then reach out and connect with others.

Just go out there, take a deep breath and do all or as many of these things today.

Do them all quite simply, because you can.

It won’t be easy, but it will most definitely be worth it!



 Rachel Brathen’s Favourite Daily Rituals.

Author: Alex Sandra Myles 

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: rachelerin at Flickr 

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