April 12, 2015

Liminal Mornings.

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You know those magical early mornings?

When the world is still sleeping, just before sunrise.

The day not yet born, the night losing its last darkness.

For me those moments always feel magnetic. Like some kind of in-between space, a space without a name, a space not yet labeled.

And in this space, anything is possible, this field is filled with potential.

Now, I am not really a get-up-early kind of girl; in fact I, enjoy lazing in bed in the morning, sometimes even till noon.

But when I was a young girl, I’d loved to get up early, when it was still dark outside.

I’d saddle my stepfathers horse and off we went, to the woods.

Sun slowly began to rise and everything was just filled with beauty.

Colors slowly started to change once the light got in. As if the Gods were painting their masterpiece and me and my horse were part of this painting, this work of art.

When I grew up, I experienced those same magical mornings, only from a different angle.

5:00 a.m., nightclub closed. My friends and I would walk home to our apartment in Amsterdam. City still sleeping and calm, quiet almost. Here and there some crazy party folks on the streets.

I remember when reaching our apartment, one of us always asked, “Shall we go for another stroll?”

Now I am not riding a horse anymore, or party all night long, so my early morning encounters are rare.

But sometimes me and my beloved early mornings do meet.

And still they overwhelm me. Still they are filled with this elusive beauty.

They radiate peace and quietness. They inspire me to reconsider my life.

Practicing Yoga reminds me of those spiritualistic mornings.

It brings me to that in-between space.

No words can describe it.

No mind can grasp it.

We need those in between spaces every now and then. To see where we are.

And from there, establishing our connection with life.

Being there allows us to fully become aware of what it is we are doing. And if we still feel happy about the way we are doing things. A deep inner reflection.

Kind of like a liminal state.

The word liminal comes from the Latin root limen, meaning threshold, representing a space where we are in-between two worlds or two perspectives. To be in liminal space is to be in a time where often one way of being is fragmentized and a new way is not composed yet.

You can feel disoriented, but if you can remain spacious in such a state, it can bring abundance.

As my sweet mornings. Renouncing yesterday. Embracing today.

A time to be still, listen, understand and act.


Author: Anne Soffer

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Author’s Own 


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