April 21, 2015

Love a Burner Girl.

Desert girls

Love her because her free spirit is a constant soul sparkler. And that adventurous heart that beats within her chest will be the warm ember that draws you in.

Love her because she’ll dance with abandon while caked in dust and sweat in a million degree desert. Even better, she’ll feel impossibly sexy doing it.

A burner girl will never be caught complaining about roughing it. Instead, she’ll pack her bags, load up her bike and pilgrimage home to the playa each August.

Through the year, she’ll plan camp outs and adventures to quench her thirst for the scorching heat of the desert and the sense of community found with her fellow burners.

And know this, a new LED and fur-fortified bike will mean more to a burner girl than any other gift.

Love her for her heart. It will be warm. It will be open. And it will pour out sincere goodness on all the strangers in her path.

Love her for her raw wildness. When it strikes, it may cause her to prance stark naked along the cracked desert floor. Or she might dress up like a phoenix and learn trapeze. Or it may send her out on a solo bike adventure into the unknown. Regardless, she’ll always come back home. Just realize that when she returns, her skin might be a deeper shade of bronze and her hair will likely be a massive nest of snarls.

Love a burner girl for her stories. They will be full of fancy. And shenanigans. And overflowing with a child-like wonder for the world will never cease to amaze her.

Understand that you’ll never be able to keep her on reigns. She’ll balk at the very idea of chains. In fact, she’ll likely demand ultimate freedom.

Love her and you’ll have her whole heart for all the days of life no matter where her feet might be twirling and her mind might be soaring.

Love her for her tribe. They’re strong. And they are bound together by something entirely magical: radical freedom. 

Know that a clan of strong and beautiful women will surround your burner girl. These soul sisters will keep her spirit young, alive, and infused with light. 

Love her and join a community bursting at the seams with creativity, a willingness to explore and create, and unmatched costuming skills.

Call her yours and she’ll open up a previously unknown world. Together you will inhabit the world of light and fire and, most importantly, the world where you will give away your biggest gifts for free.

She’ll show you how amazing it can be to annually call a small patch of the Nevada desert home. And she’ll teach you how to love that home so much that you’ll leave not a trace behind when departing for the season.

A burner girl will allow you to face the howling wildness of the world by her side. Her warmth will be a shelter. In loving her, life will be changed forever.


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Author: Jessica Chardoulias

Editor: Caroline Beaton

Photo: Jeff Isaacson Photography, with permission

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