April 21, 2015

Passion & Fire, Pleasure & Pain.


Hot, steamy sex.

Everywhere eyes look. On television, in print, all over the internet. Our senses are inundated with every kind of possible titillation. Passion can be used to sell just about anything.

The popular image of passion splattered before our eyes is tempestuous and fiery. Is there anyone who has remained free of the perceptions and influence generated by these pictures?

Passion is beautiful. It’s wild fire brings new depths of vitality and experience. Fulfilling an essential human need, passion warms one’s mind with hopes, body with heat, and soul with vitality.

Passion and love have traits in common, yet are completely different.

Passion is essential to be a fully living human being. Discarding passion is an energetic amputation. Every human aspect has beauty and potential inherent with it. Too common, people will give up on love, when it was never love that failed, only the natural ebb and flow of passion, misidentified as love.

A great disservice is done to every human each time passion is portrayed as love.

It is no wonder that people who yearn for love are so confused. Passion is packaged as love. Impassioned behavior framed as loving. Passionate relationships are demonstrated visually, full of drama and ego. None of it has to do with love, even though the word love is used commonly.

Common perceptions of love are not love. They are passion.

Passion is akin to fire, with all its characteristics.

Fire can give warmth, safety and comfort. When used with conscious skill, fire has taken humans to the moon, crafted beautiful works of art, and powered an industrial revolution.

Fire, without a container, becomes wild. In nature, we see the destructive ability of wildfire. Fire unleashed can destroy cities, annihilate lives and cause untold devastation.

Love creates a safe container for passion.

Love is far greater than passion, for it endures.

Passionate relationships have an expiration date.

Science, and more importantly the experience of multitudes, shows us that passion is cyclical in nature. The attempt to maintain the excitement of passion is always doomed to failure. Biologically, the hormones associated with passion-like feelings fade during the second or third year of relationship.

Fire always waxes and wanes. In order to burn bright, fuel is demanded.

Fanning the embers of passion becomes arduous once the realization sinks in that the passionate relationship one entered into is absent of respect, trust or love.

Relationships that begin with passion easily distracts one’s eyes and heart from seeing the person who is really being related to. The lack of common, basic human-to-human relating remains a core reason for why dream-laden, passionate relationships fail again and again.

This is why there is so much discussion about boundaries, men and women who are emotionally distanced, and confusion about love.

Ones eyes are on love, and the heat of passion distracts from who the person truly is, and what is actually happening. It’s the perfect recipe for a learning curve.

The foundation for a love relationship is love.

Recognize and relate to passion for what it is. Gorgeous, tempting fire that brings pleasure and hides the inevitable bite of pain.

Fires are for dancing around, preparing feasts, and celebrating. Hearths are central to a warm household. Passion, central to a balanced life, is simply incapable of providing solid ground to build a life upon.

Understanding and appreciating loves quiet power is liberation, and provides a firm foundation to nurture body, mind and soul for oneself and others.

Where passion falters, love endures.



What it Means to be an Empowered Woman.


Author:  Keith Artisan

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Pixabay


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