April 19, 2015

The Nature of Being Fearless. {Poem}

No Fear

The tree does not fear reaching for the sky.

It knows how to stay true to its roots.

The leaf does not fear falling from the tree.

It separates with grace to start its new journey.

The caterpillar does not fear death.

It knows death is just a transition to a new experience.

The star does not fear the darkness.

It knows its brilliance can penetrate anything.

The groundhog does not fear its shadow.

It knows the light has its back.

The bat does not fear blindness.

It knows true vision is intuitive.

The sloth does not fear time slipping away.

It savors the beauty of each moment.

The hyena does not fear laughing out loud.

It knows not to take itself too seriously.

The otter does not fear holding hands.

It knows the healing power of touch.

The ant does not fear tall tasks.

It knows anything is possible with the help of friends.

The leopard does not fear loneliness.

It knows it has what it takes to survive on its own.

The dolphin does not fear abandonment.

It knows it will always have the support of family.

The goose does not fear changing location.

It knows home is where the heart is.

The bear does not fear being stung.

It knows that obstacles make the honey sweeter.

The turtle does not fear being under pressure.

It knows its skin is tough enough.

The worm does not fear small spaces.

It knows it can dig itself out of any situation.

The owl does not fear to ask questions.

It knows life is full of great mysteries.

The pig does not fear getting dirty.

It knows purity comes from within.

The parakeet does not fear speaking out.

It knows how to share its feelings.

The peacock does not fear standing out.

It knows to let its true colors shine forth.

The nightingale does not fear singing.

It joins in the harmony of the universe.

The bee does not fear dancing.

It expresses itself through sacred movement.

The camel does not fear thirst.

It knows to conserve Mother Earth’s blessings.

The whale does not fear drowning.

It knows when it is time to reconnect with its breath.

The wise man does not fear challenge.

He knows his mind can conquer anything.

The wise woman does not fear wasting her love.

She knows that love is a renewable resource.

The present does not fear the past.

It knows what has already happened.

The present does not fear the future.

It knows the future is always controlled by the present.

If the present is lived with love, we need not fear anything at all.


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Author: Chris Sakowski

Apprentice Editor: Brandie Smith/Editor: Renee Jahnke

Photo: Courtesy of the Author.

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