April 18, 2015

To my Little Warrior. {Poem}

 mother daughter


Let me be your warrior
Sweet, baby girl
When your days are filled
With nightmares that shake you
And your nights are filled
With sorrow that threatens
To pull you underneath its currents

Let me shield you
With every inch of my strong self
From those onyx colored fears
Monsters and illusory threats
That’ve got nothing on me.
Your warm tears
Your glistening pink face
Sheltered by this open heart of mine

Let me remind you
Of your warm, yellow light
Of you’re being nothing but light
When the darkness makes its cowardly threats
And your lower lip flutters
With fear
Like a butterfly
Amidst the chaos
And the lurking shadows

Come back to these long arms
That can wrap fully around
Your trembling little frame
This warrior heart of mine,
I’ll wash the mud from your tired feet
When you choose to step off that path
They will beg you to follow

And when you feel the panic of the blaze
And the confusion of the burn
I won’t pull you from the flames
Oh, no…
I will calmly join you
We will sit
Our hearts and hands together
We will see so clearly
With the flicker of fire
In our dark eyes
What is true

Because those flames,
My darling child,
It’s those flames that will fuel you
They can teach you
To walk those same fires
With others
Who don’t yet see

Others will need you,
My little warrior
With your brave spirit
Your open heart
And the fiery flicker
In your deep, dark eyes
Like a cool cavern
Amidst it all


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Author: Katie Vessel

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: inquisitir


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