May 3, 2015

3 Ways to Capture Full Moon Energy.



Full Moon magic is powerful.

The weeks preceding May 4th’s Full Seed Moon (as it is traditionally called) have been turbulent for many of us.

It seems that no-one has been getting any sleep. I have been confronted deeply with my shadow side in the last week, feeling more sensitive, more reactive and more introspective of my path.

As a worker of the Wise Woman Tradition, I am keenly aware of the turns of the moon, my body is sync, my spirit in constant ebb and flow as the moon tugs on my watery nature.

I am a Scorpio. The moon is full in Scorpio this month and as such, brings the powerful theme of sex, death and re-birth to the forefront.

The world at large reflects these themes in a passionate and violent way. Riots, border issues, war, earthquakes and Internet storms about nudity and gender identity are all symptoms of a lunar energy that pulls us towards enlightenment and the opportunity to show our best or worst colors.

We are One. Part of the web of planets and stars of which we are made, rising and setting each day on our own spiritual growth, our own desire to leave this planet a better place, and flowing with the tide of our dark side.

The full moon illuminates our darkness and gives rise to ways we can come to terms with all of ourselves. This is a world of dualities.

We are always seeking balance between light and dark.

I have come to love the dark as much as the light, because my shadow side points me towards the fullness of my evolution. Therefore, on this full moon, I bow to the wisdom of the Scorpio moon and determine to dig deeper into my spiritual walk, and look for ways in which I can be of service.

Full Moon Magic

When the moon is in Scorpio, it is time for positive activity to balance the deep and destructive energy that arises. This is a good time for creativity. Crafting, writing, gardening, painting or any type of art, dancing…let the best of you flow out as a healing balm to the hurts of the planet.

You might find that there is an overflow of your need to create. This is good. Just let it all out.

If practicing magic on this full moon, you may call on the Greek goddess Selene. Other moon goddesses are Diana (Rome), Ma’at (Egyptian) …or Sophia as she was known to the Gnostics, and of course Isis (Egyptian) who was later absorbed by the Christian mythology as Mary, another lady of the moon.

The list goes on for the Triple Goddess, (representing the Maiden, Mother and Crone as well as the three phases of the moon—new, full and waning), there is also Artemis, Hecate, Arianrhod, Ceridwen and Cybele.

Animals associated with the full moon are the bear, dove, stag, hare, cat and the frog. I am particularly drawn to Celtic mythology so for me the hare, bear (symbolizing King Arthur), and the stag have deep meaning.

The best time for full moon magic is three days prior, on the day of, and three days after, but allow one full lunar cycle for spell work to take hold. Full moon magic is used for banishing, divination (tarot or other means) and protection.

If I’m working back in time, I do it at the full moon.

The ceremony of “drawing down the moon” is performed by a high priestess on the full moon, and gives her energy for upcoming days, with which she can bless her coven and her community.

If planting around the full moon, fleshy, watery plants such as succulents, cucumbers, watermelons, celery are appropriate, depending on the weather in your area of course. And, if morels or chanterelles are up, I like to pick mushrooms around the full moon.

I use a moon guided calendar (bio-dynamic) to make the best of the moon’s energy for my flowers and veg. But that’s another article!

3 Ways to Capture Full Moon Energy

1. Full moon bathing.

Find a comfortable spot where you, or in a group, can lay naked under the full moon. Bask in the light of the powerful heavenly body, allow its energy to soak deep into your bones. Dream your dreams, make plans, and release unwanted feelings and thoughts, past occurrences. Recharge. You can surround yourself with moon crystals, and perform a guided meditation if with others.

Crystals used for moon magic are clear quartz, pearl, (or other round white pebbles), moonstone and celestite.

2. Charge Crystals.

Put out all your magical stones and crystals to recharge in the light of the full moon. Like you and me, crystals become ‘full’ and need clearing and re-charging. I just line mine up in place where the light of the moon will reach them for a good portion of the night. I’ve usually washed them first in some chlorine free water and said a blessing over them.

3. Make moon water.

Fill a jar with chlorine free water, and say loving words to it or place a heart sticker on the jar. Place the jar in the light of the moon and allow to charge. Wash with the moon water in the morning with an intention for healing if needed or simply to absorb lunar energy. This can also be done with moon dew, which is powerful medicine, by using a dropper to gather dew from plants the morning after a full moon.

Moon water can be saved for spell work during the following month. There is much more I could share with you about the moon but we shall meet again next month.

This full moon, may you find peace in the light of the Seed Moon, may your old wounds find healing and new adventures come easily to mind. So it has been written, so mote it be.



Author: Monika Carless 

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Google Images 


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