May 15, 2015

Are You Wearing My Panties? {Adult}


HommeMystere are an underwear company who focus on sexy underwear specifically designed for men.

Although the company has been operating since 2008, they have recently announced that they have opened an online store due to a surge in popularity causing high levels of demand for their undergarments.

On the front page of HommeMystere they state their brand’s mission, saying:

“We love designing and making fun, comfortable, unique lingerie—for men! A growing number of guys are discovering the comfort of lightweight lingerie style underwear! HommeMystere understand that you want quality undergarments made with care, attention to detail, and that fits the male body perfectly. Comfortable men’s panties that really do fit, feel great and look sensational.”



Australian brand HommeMysetere states that they have attracted customers from 30 countries with 40 percent of their sales coming from the United States. Despite what many would believe, that these items would be marketed for and bought by the LGBTQ community, the company carried out a survey which revealed that 90 percent of their buyers are involved in heterosexual relationships.

On the HommeMystere website they explain, “Our goal has always been to offer an alternative style of underwear for men, based on their physique rather than their sexuality.”

The lingerie HommeMystere offers includes elegant camisoles, panties, frilly, lace trimmed and sometimes padded bras and camisoles, which are all fitted to suit the male physique for a comfortable and sensual feel and sexual look.

“There’s no variety in the men’s lingerie sold in department stores. It’s boxers and briefs, and if you’re really daring, maybe a thong!” says Australian male lingerie designer Brent Krause, for HommeMystere. “There’s no denying department stores sell good quality, functional underwear, and that’s fine for 90 percent of men. But not me. These mangerie-wearing men like the fabric and feel of nice lingerie and believe it’s time for men to have a chance at feeling sexy in front of the mirror.”


For many, this will be the first time they have viewed a male in what’s usually perceived as feminine underwear. When I first saw the images, I was a little stunned. And I am very open-minded and not usually taken aback.

The reason that I was so surprised is not that I doubted if this takes place, of course there are some men who have worn traditionally female styles of underwear, we all have our own unique quirks, however, never have I seen a male dressed in a feminine bra, panties and suspenders and I definitely never expected to see it proudly strewn across the Internet.

When I consider my own thoughts about feminine styles of underwear, it seems to make sense that somewhere along the line someone would come up with the same concept for men. After all, men, generally speaking, have always loved the look and feel of female underwear. And so too, have women.

Which is why the market for women’s underwear is a multi-million dollar business.


Men’s underwear is typically boring to look at. It consists of mostly the same designs, drab shades and really they don’t do much for me when it comes to adding a little sensuality to the bedroom.

Women, on the other hand, will carefully chose their lingerie to enhance their figure and to look sexy for themselves and for their partner in the bedroom. Is it so wrong for men to want to look sexy for themselves, and for their partners too?

While, I’m not sure how I would feel if my partner came to bed wearing a sexy bra and knickers, I am open to the idea that others would find this a huge turn-on.

I think, like all things, when we first hear about a new concept, it’s a little bit of a shock to the system. It takes us a while to work out our feelings and opinions towards it. It’s a little like when we make any major change, it can at first feel a little uncomfortable until our minds open and we look at it from other perspectives.

Also, it seems that women are freely allowed to take on men’s styles in clothing, be it fitted boxer shorts, trouser suits, tuxedo inspired clothes and masculine style hair cuts; it appears that when men attempt to do the same immediate bouts of judgements are made surrounding their sexuality and fetishes.


The HommeMystere blog states, “For some reason, many people still seem to think that HommeMystere lingerie for men is a gay thing. Clearly this insinuates that all gay guys are effeminate and love to be the ‘girl’ in the relationship. If that was indeed correct, and all gay guys were actually wannabe girls, wouldn’t that make all gay couples lesbians?”

Women aren’t generally judged for opting for typically male ways of dressing or styling themselves, so why are men stereotyped so unfairly? I’m sensing a little bit of inequality here somewhere.

I am a firm believer that we are entitled to free choice, without being judged for it. Sexuality cannot be defined purely through a choice in what fabrics we adorn the body with. If a male is physically, romantically and emotionally attracted to a female, but chooses to wear sexy underwear, the suggestion that he must be gay or any other label is just ludicrous.

For far too long we have adhered to society’s expectations and social norms, just lately I have noticed that we are breaking these barriers down one-by-one and I am all for it. I often ask myself why we all conform to invisible rules. We are not followers, we are all individuals and so all have our own unique preferences of how we choose to dress and how we choose to live.

Is it so wrong that a man finds lacy underwear desirable to touch and feel next to his skin? Why do we think it is inappropriate—just because that is all that we have ever known?

It starts before birth, with the choosing of pink for a girl and blue for a boy. I firmly believe it is all down to social conditioning. We are often nurtured to take on specific roles in society solely based on our gender. I think it’s awesome when we shatter these limiting, archaic and defining gender roles.



There are rules and regulations for everything, and realistically, we can break any one of them without consequence as long as we are not breaking any laws.

I love the fact that we are getting to a stage where we are beginning to go outside the lines, push boundaries and challenge what we have been told is the norm.

I believe this is just another twist showing an uprising of the metrosexual male. While I adore the rugged look of a man showing his masculinity, I also find something extremely appealing, intriguing and enticing about a man who takes care of himself, wants to look good and most importantly doesn’t give a f*ck about what society expects him to be.

The type of man I admire, and one I have respect for, is a man who can just be himself, comfortable in his own skin, without caring what others think.

To me, that is a real man.

Regardless of what is or isn’t beneath his clothes.

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Below, writer Kate Rose gives her alternative opinion on the concept of feminine styled male underwear.

Managerie Amor

This is an era of change—the acceptance of 50 shades of sex and male inspired lingerie. The days of just women owning the right to lacy undergarments is obsolete.

HommeMystere advertises that gone are the days where men had to hide their love of silky panties and lingerie, and that rather than attempting to fit into women’s underwear, they now have the option of underwear—and bras—that are made just for them, and their bodies.

I am all about individualism and expressionism, and honestly as far as the bedroom goes, I am game to try anything at least once. I might be more open sexually than most, and while I have swung both ways at times, I am confident in the fluidity of my sexuality and I encourage others to be the same.


But, how does a man dressing in feminine underwear affect what actually happens in the bedroom?

According to HommeMystere, the United States is their largest market, with 90% of customers being heterosexual men in relationships. As open as I am this surprised me; I started to look differently at the men that I met at the grocery store or corner bar wondering, are they wearing a C-String underneath their clothes?

As a woman who wears a bra as infrequently as I can and who once went a month (proudly) without underwear, I honestly don’t understand the appeal.

My first thought when I was looking through the images on the website, was what it would be like to remove some of the lace panties with my teeth––a thought that probably many men have had while perusing the catalogs of Victoria’s Secret.

The only difference is Victoria never had any secrets this big.


This isn’t about buying into the stereotype of men being sexually driven cavemen that throw helpless women over their shoulders and head back to their cave for a night of dominating sex.

But it is about reassessing our gender roles, and looking at what works for us individually.

In 2009, a Journal of Sex study found that alpha women desired to be controlled in the bedroom. While we can debate the merits of this, as a woman who plays the alpha in my daily life, I can personally agree with these findings.

I have a successful career; I manage a home and children all on my own. I can take care of things around the house and with my car. Phrases like, “I got this” were created by women like me.

Yet, in the bedroom, the more control my lover takes, the more aroused I become.

When I am having sex with a man, I want him to be the alpha. I want to be the ying to his yang. I want to know that I am with a man, and that he can handle being in control of a woman like me. I want him to grab me when he wants me, I want him to be able to tell me to “suck it” when he wants me to give him head. I want him to leave fingerprint bruises on my luscious hips, and rashes from his beard against the soft ivory skin of my breasts.

I want to feel the strength of his chest, and his delicious thighs—not the touch of his lace panties rubbing against mine.


I don’t believe I could get as aroused if we were both wearing lingerie. While I can see myself being accepting of any sort of fetishes that someone I love would have, I don’t know if as a hot blooded alpha female, I would be able to get down and dirty with a man that came ready for sex dressed like I do.

However, I do applaud HommeMystere for their role in challenging and changing stereotypical roles of what a man should be, because I am all about tossing out the rule book. I think it is amazing when anyone can gain the confidence and stake a claim in something that makes them feel more authentic.

I think the beauty of our current society is that pretty much anything goes, and that not much is taboo anymore.

Personally for me, though I am open minded and accepting—the only thing I want my man wearing in the bedroom is me.




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Author: Alexsandra Myles & Kate Rose

Editor: Travis May

All photos used with permission from HommeMystere

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