May 17, 2015

Going Gluten Free. {Funny Video}

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I recently went to see a specialist about back pain that I had been suffering from for some time.

After having an initial examination, it was suggested that one of the causes could be due to me not digesting gluten very well, which in turn created pressure on my lower back.

I was advised to try going on a gluten free diet and see if it made any difference.

At the time I was completely unaware of what gluten free food was were out there, let alone what gluten was! For those that are unsure, gluten is the general name of proteins found in barley, rye, triticale and wheat. So basically in most of the good stuff that we all love.

Gluten free, me? A diehard lover of bread, pasta and cake? How would I cope?

After doing some initial research I was surprised to find out that there were gluten free substitutes available for some of my favourite foods. Albeit the products were on the slightly more expensive side.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before my kitchen drawers were filled with my local supermarkets free from range. Eating out was sometimes difficult, but there was usually at least one option on the menu that didn’t contain the devil protein.

Within a few weeks of sticking to a gluten free diet, my back pain had pretty much all but gone and I had lost 7 pounds in weight. Result! Yes it may be a bit more expensive but it sure was worth it.

Being a comedian, I wanted to find a way to get across my gluten “struggles” and the benefits of making the change. I came to the conclusion that rapping about it was the best way to do this. So collaborating with another Youtuber, I went into the studio and made what will hopefully be embraced by the gluten free community, as their official anthem:





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Editor: Renee Picard  

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