May 14, 2015

I Found my Orgasm in my Asana. {Adult}

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I do it with my eyes close because it’s all about me.

I go deep inside to savor everything. Every move, every bend, every breath. My fiery skin gets extinguished as beads of sweat tickle the small of my back. For the first time I am giving myself permission to linger here a little longer than everyone else.

There is so much pleasure from my hand sliding down the inside of my leg. I Inhale with anticipation for my next movement, exhale excitement as I find my place on the ground. My legs spread wide, easily, and my muscles contract, then slowly release, as I relax into this pose. I become very aware of my body, with my eyes closed, I can sense the curves of my hips, my shoulders, and my breast. A sly smile slides across my lips as I move, with skill, into my warrior.

My teacher softly requests, to this class of 50 students, to lay in śhavasana. She stands at the back of the yoga shala and speaks firmly, “Spread your legs wide so your hips can relax.” A hot breeze blows in off the Arabian Sea deep in the south of India. And carried on that gust of wind are her words “Breathe”, “Close your eyes” and “drop out of your conscious mind”.

My name is LeLa. I am 38-years old and I just found my orgasm in Utthita Parsvakonasana (side angle pose)

Five important lessons to help you get your sexy back with Tantra yoga:

1. Drop the ego

There is no external measure in yoga. No praise. No one is keeping score. There are no store-bought prizes. There is no finish line. There is nothing but you. Once we learn to strip away the ego, by dropping into our subconscious mind, only then can we acknowledge what our body truly needs and what it wants in that moment. For being in that moment is the finish line. Just as becoming mentally and physically healthy is your prize.

2. Relax

It is not often that we give ourselves the permission to relax. In this modern day, in fact, it is near impossible to do so. What most people don’t realize is that if we allow our bodies to relax, then our central nervous systems will relax as well. When our complete system is at a relaxed zero point, then we are more equipped to handle stressful situations with ease and efficiency of energy.

3. Be good to yourself

Here’s a good rule for life: “Do things that make you happy!” If there is a situation or an asana that you is not making your body happy today, then why would you do it? Listen to what your body is telling you. Enjoy the feeling of feeling great. You deserve it! When we feel good, people around us feel good too. And then people around them feel good and it continues in a beautiful ripple effect.

4. Exercise makes you happy

Exercise releases dopamine into the brain which is a neurotransmitter responsible for allowing us to feel pleasure and happiness. A regular yoga practice keeps a consistent flow of pleasure-seeking neurotransmitters in the brain, thus making pleasure more accessible.

5. It’s your practice

It’s all about you. You are the only one who can control your happiness. Take it slow or rest if that is what your body wants today. Hold bridge for 10 seconds longer if that’s what makes you happy! Be good to yourself. Take pleasure in going a little higher or spreading a little wider than last class. Be gentle. Be happy. Close your eyes. Breathe. Let go and be you.


Author: LeLa Becker 

Editor: Caroline Beaton

Photo: Flickr



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