May 28, 2015

June’s Strawberry Full Moon is Ripe With Surprises.

strawberry moon

Energy always ramps up when there’s a full moon in town and the one happening on June 2nd will not disappoint, especially if you’re looking for some insight.

The June full moon is known to many as the strawberry moon or rose moon (in Europe) and not because of its color, which will actually be more yellow in tint. Some refer to it as a Honey moon because of the warmer color you’ll notice it has. Many people tend to get married and take their “honeymoon” around this time—that’s no coincidence!

The full moon itself is actually used as a signal that fruit—particularly strawberries—are ready to be picked.

Now from an astrological point of view, strawberries and honey have nothing to do with this moon at the surface. It’ll highlight the adventurous sign of Sagittarius and pull us into a balancing act with the sign of Gemini, the information seeker.

Full moons always create closure while pulling us into a balancing act between two signs of the zodiac.

Sagittarius is a thrill seeker that loves to be free. It wants to go where it pleases and look for new discoveries. This is a sign that cannot be boxed in and will be happy to tell you about all his findings along the way. It is the quintessential teacher after all.

Gemini, on the other hand, likes to be on the go—but it’s more in tune with the intricacies of all the crazy amounts of information we always have flying around. It will make a whole lot of extra stops along the journey to find out all the little details, while Sagittarius just wants to feel the rush of freedom.

Sagittarius is pushed to go out and look for something for the sheer thrill of the unknown. Gemini craves the information and goes out looking for all the information he can get to sharpen his mind.

There’s no doubt that part of the feel of this full moon is going to be the desire to go out, be free and have the ability to get new information given the signs in play. However, there’s a lot more to this story. Mars, the energy planet, is going to be making a pretty big show at this time as well. He will fuel energy and push us to get what we want—maybe even too aggressively.

Some of us could end up feeling a lot riskier and be driven to get something done.

The problem with this drive is that the universe’s brakes are going to be on. Things might get a tad more challenging in getting to our destination point. Neptune, the planet that has a tendency to look at things with rose-colored glasses, is going to be put under pressure here. He will be standing in an uncomfortable spot at the time of this full moon and push us to see things differently while heightening our awareness and feelings.

Our perception about something may change and a reality check could swing in. The rose-colored glasses are coming off, and sometimes what we see isn’t so rosy.

This, along with all of the other combining energies, is going to make us have to stop for a few and process all that is around us. Taking a time out around this time isn’t such a bad thing—it’s actually precisely what the universe wants us to do. Processing and reassessing things can be of great benefit—especially since we’re still in a Mercury Retrograde period. We all want to get to where we need to fast, but sometimes moving too quickly isn’t the answer.

If we do that, we risk missing all the important stuff—or details—that come along for the ride.

Which brings me back to the strawberries that I began telling you about. Strawberry Fields Forever, a song nearly all of us know by the Beatles, is the tune that comes to mind when I think of this full moon. It’s known as one of their most adventurous tracks that incorporated a ton of new breakthrough studio techniques in recording—which is totally Sagittarius.

It’s hazy, slow beat is totally in tune with this full moon, particularly the Neptune element. Even though it’s not about fields of strawberries (it’s a garden where children used to play), it’s essence is about pausing and looking back on the past in a good kind of way.

Taking a time out, letting your mind wander and reminiscing about the past isn’t such a bad thing. Sometimes, breakthroughs and big things are possible in seeking out the adventure or looking back on something. It certainly was the case with this song. With Jupiter moving into a nice combo with Uranus, shortly after the peak of this moon, unexpected and favorable surprises could come out of all this.

Sometimes we have to just stop, see what’s going on around and process both negative and positive things from the past. It’s at that point that we can then move forward. That’s what this full moon is about…it wants you to get ahead but you have to see something a little more clearly before you can get there.

We might be surprised at what we find through the process.

For additional personal insight, here are the themes associated with this strawberry honey moon for each Zodiac sign. If you know your Rising Sign, read for that one first. Remember that Mercury is still retrograde and this full moon highlights the potential for new information to come to the table—concrete assessments of any situation should be held off till after June 11th if possible.

The universe still has more to reveal up until then.

Aries:  Themes including foreigners, long distance travel, higher education, publishing, the law, teaching endeavors, your spirituality or beliefs, grand-children and in-laws all have the potential to come into play. Plans for a long distance trip could be finalized or a situation comes about with a sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle or neighbor. You might gain new insight into something involving your communication style.

Taurus: Joint resource or things you own with someone else is the focal point for you. New information could reveal itself in regards to money. Investments, transformation, endings and inheritance are also themes playing a big part of this full moon. Additionally, intimacy and sex are other themes that could become a focal point.

Gemini: Gaining some new awareness or closure in the area of close and personal relationships or business partners is highly probable. Business agreements or important contracts could be finalized or come to completion. Issues with close relationships may surface and truth—particularly pertaining to the past—could be revealed in how everyone really feels.

Cancer: New insight into themes such as work, daily routines/productivity, pets, co-workers and health could be revealed during the peak of this full moon. You might decide to be a little riskier than usual and push out of your comfort zone in order to make some personal changes for the better. Revelations regarding a work or home project could come out or you come to the point where you complete it.

Leo: Creativity, speculation, children and romance are all central themes for you at the peak of this full moon. New information regarding one of these themes could surface. A long standing issue with your child or something involving children could finally come to a close and resolve itself. Romantic affairs also play a part in this full moon influence. Remember that when it comes to matters of the heart in particular, it’s important to not make any firm decisions till after June 11th.

Virgo:  Home and family are the areas where this full moon makes you take a pause and see what’s around. What you want in your career and what is needed at home could come into focus. A prominent parent or real estate matter could also call your attention.

Libra: Siblings, relatives, neighbors, study, travel, technology and communications are the areas getting some exposure with this full moon. You could also gain new awareness into your ability to connect with others. Car or transportation issues could also surface or you end up taking a short trip of some sort. Education or a learning endeavor might also play part in what you’re looking to gain more info about.

Scorpio: Money, possessions and things that you value are highlighted with this full moon.  Your awareness becomes very high in something involving money, finances or a close and personal possession. People that you possess or hold dear in your heart are also part of this realm. Important decisions regarding money could come to a peaking point.

Sagittarius: This full moon shines on you, your stamp on the world and perhaps your appearance.  You might tap into your subconscious and make some new and important discoveries about yourself. It’s also possible that you gain new awareness on a particular relationship and how it affects you. This could be a turning point in a newly formed relationship.

Capricorn: The area of service to others and mysteries gets lit up with this full moon influence. You may get some sudden subconscious breakthroughs about yourself and your past in particular. This full moon could serve as a cleansing and dust the cobwebs out of your psyche.

Aquarius:  Friends, acquaintances and groups you belong to comes get your attention with this full moon energy. Maybe an old friend resurfaces or some kind of truth about a friend or group you belong to comes out. On deeper subconscious plane, your hopes and dreams or a mystery involving something you’ve been wanting for a while also has the potential reveal itself.

Pisces: Your career and place in the public eye comes into focus with this full moon. New awareness or insights could be revealed to you involving your career. A new revelation involving your reputation could also come into full focus. It’s also possible that new information about a prominent parent or authority figure comes out. A shift in your life direction is possible.


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Author: Crystal B.

Editor: Renée Picard

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