May 4, 2015

Let Yourself into Love. {Poem}

Stew Dean/Flickr

Let yourself into love

Big, fat, juicy love…
Clean, hard, stinging love.
Love that leaks in through the rooftop
Love that goes ping, ping, ping
on that metal plate you call a big heart
Get a bucket… better yet, get a bathtub
Because it’s going to rain love
until the floor turns into fresh grass
and vines crawl to cover the walls,
drawing their leafy ears over the photographs
of things you took for granted…
Goodbye little love filled with things,
made of silly string, egg whites…
Here’s the real meat of love,
the pearl in the oyster, the head of the pin
bigger than your fingertip…
you gotta leave behind all your big excuses,
your bags made for packing and running away
Because love… is here to stay.
Love hangs you up when you’ve been soaked through
says eat your vegetables
says You got a great big smile, I love to see it
Love laughs because laughing feels good,
because your body feels good curving
against Love’s shoulder in a laugh,
giving everything back with a big bow tie
and a new coat of paint…
You make it better, because you do it together.
Love makes it work.
So let your head back,
let all the words out of your throat,
let your lips form the shape of letters
that shape love, but spell everything but love…
Linger on Love’s doorstep, let the healing sink in,
love waits for you. Love knows you
and there isn’t much more,
that can give you back,
what you’re looking for.


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Author: Psalm Pollock

Editor: Emily Bartran

Image: Stew Dean/Flickr



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