May 20, 2015

Love’s Liberating Path.

Rose petals

Energy follows intention and manifests. When yearning to know love, that intention blossoms.

Commonly in our world, a person who wants only love in their life is saying they want peace, happiness and bliss.

Experience unveils that love is far more than that. Real love remains present through grief, transformation, trauma and tribulation.

True love has depth.

When the heart yearns to know love, the reality of love is far removed from the idea held in the moment.

The present moment differs from the dream.

For the realization to dawn, a journey is undertaken—one from darkness and an ignorance of love to a gradual illumination and dawn of love, its qualities, characteristics and expressions.

The true heart, the cosmic romantic who wishes to know love, will have its wish granted. It just isn’t going to be pretty. The image of love and its false concepts need be realized, related to and relinquished. The path will probably have many more thorns than roses, storms than sunlight and confusion than certainty.

We naturally go through a growth process—one of unlearning the past, releasing control and fear of the future and discovering who we are in the present.

Every resistance and barrier that our mind, heart and soul heart has to love must arise. And they will arise again and again until we have relinquished the barriers, resistance and egoic defenses that keep us from love.

We arrive at the destination and then realize the journey is not yet complete—the mystery of love needs to be further explored.

The unfortunate truth about love is that it remains an individual, personal discovery. We must stumble and error. Our courageous heart dusts itself off, and continues to ask questions, to investigate, to feel and remain sensitive and aware.

Love cannot be contained in any concept, ideology, practice, language, communication style or technique.

They can communicate love, can be loving, and appear loving. They can cause us to feel loved. But they are merely guidelines, frameworks that can support and encourage love. What works for me may not for another. The ideological framework of love remains empty and of limited use unless genuine love is present.

Only love is love.


Author: Keith Artisan

Editor: Evan Yerburgh

Image: Flickr

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