May 15, 2015

Gardening 101: Save $ on your Groceries.

Urban Farm Co Meredith Meeks

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents…

“The simple act of gardening can address almost every social and environmental problem that we face.” ~ Bryant Mason

Climate-appropriate spring gardening for maximum free food.

Waylon has wanted a garden for a long time but was too timid to do it himself. He decided to ask his friend Bryant Mason, Founder of Urban Farm Co., to help break down the basics of gardening for him so that he could finally have his own fresh food to cook with, reduce his carbon footprint, and impress the ladies (!). Without effing everything up like usual.

Bryant Mason

“Gardening teaches patience if nothing else.” ~ Bryant Mason

Bryant Mason is the founder of The Urban Farm Company, a Colorado-based business focused on empowering people to grow their own fresh, healthy, sustainable food right in their backyard. The business aims to make gardening more easy and fun for beginner growers. The Urban Farm Company installs high-yield organic vegetable gardens for households and businesses, and provides resources to make urban gardening as easy as possible. Their small raised beds and easy gardening method allow homeowners to produce a lot fresh vegetables in a small space. Bryant has several years of experience with local food and gardening in Colorado. As a self-taught urban vegetable grower, he has always been intrigued by the potential to grow food in small urban spaces. As his business grows, he’s becoming increasingly passionate about making it easy for others to grow their own fresh vegetables in their backyard.

urban farm co Meredith meeksUrban Farm Co Meredith MeeksUrban Farm Co Meredith MeeksUrban Farm Co Meredith MeeksUrban Farm Co Meredith MeeksUrban Farm Co Meredith MeeksUrban Farm Co Meredith MeeksUrban Farm Co Meredith MeeksUrban Farm Co Meredith Meeks


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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photos, Video: Meredith Meeks

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