May 15, 2015

What do You Want? {Poem}

what do you need

What do you want?

what do you need?
that’s all

the words leave his perfect jaw
circulate around the room
dip into the bioluminescent pool
freeze the air leaving and entering lungs
and land in my heart

we left absolutely no space for small talk
I spoke to my father today
for the first time in three years
I cried with joy
I don’t feel angry anymore
his blue eyes watch the room

I’m angry at my father
he says
I still want him to show up
to love me
to choose me
the words exit his frame
and he suddenly looks

these are the conversations that we miss
when we speak of
where are you from
what do you do for work
how long are you here for
these are the souls I want to drink
from the nonsensical surface bullshit
we feed each other each day

can I lay here?
can I kiss you?
why surface kiss
why touch lips like the strangers we are
let’s kiss deeper

I am always left wanting more
for my heart breathes strings
the moment she opens
and she opens with a breeze
with a smile
with a hello as we pass by on an orange cobblestone street
it takes nothing

I am left wanting more
I say quietly to the grass
to the tall white trees whispering love ballads
to the sun
as she begins her descent
as she always does
and the trees wishfully reach with their leaves
and she smiles
I love you
and drops below the red earth

and we are all left
needing love
wanting more.



Author: Janne Robinson

Editor: Renee Picard

Image: courtesy of the author 

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