June 4, 2015

On Being a Grandparent. {Poem}

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When I was 46 years old,
Odds were I wouldn’t get married again.
But 33 years ago I took a chance on love.

We had many wonderful years,
Two wonderful children.
And now over a year ago,
A sweet grandson,

Why is it when he crawls through the grass,
He ponders it like a math problem?
The feel of grass is brand new,
Different than a rug or hardwood.

What brings that look of wonder and a smile?
Something different and wonderful.
Why do I think it’s special to see his joy in the bathtub,
Or a reaction on grass, or crawling up stairs?

It’s because I’m all in.
Not in my twenties, detached with self-interest stuff.

A child is in the moment,
Only in the present.
Some of us adults have, perhaps, lost our way.

To see a 13-month-old walk on uneven ground,
To go after a ball,
Is a small miracle and a joy.

At retirement age, I thought I would never experience this.
This is life, I realize now.

Take a step, fall down.
Get up another step and fall lightly down.
Not far to fall.

Take a moment and really feel the grain in wood,
Or cold running water.

It took a grandson to slow me down and actually bring me in.

What does a pet’s skin and coat feel like for the first time?
It’s all new and exciting for the young.
Perhaps it can still be
The same for adults.

Instead of worship busy,
Try to slow it down and put wanting and ego aside.

Maybe it’s time to see more,
And love what you see.

The days are just as fresh as they ever were.
Are you?

Unplug your TV for a week and really see what’s outside the screen.
When you do this, it could be a new awakening and understanding for you.

You will wake up and observe the small wonderful things
That really make a difference in life.

Why does it take a child to help us find our way?

It’s because with a child you are forced to change gears
And put yourself on hold for a period.
By slowing down you become more aware,
You are less busy doing your stuff.

You are here and now.

With a young child,
Everything is new and fresh.

What a grand path to walk on,
Step by step.

Try a new path,
You might smile all the way.



What our Grandparents Knew.


Author: Alan Fuller

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Kim Fuller

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