June 3, 2015

She is Wild Woman. {Poem}


She is wild woman.

She has a fiery soul that cannot be tamed.

She has free spirit that cannot be maimed.

She moves with the wind and flows with the river.

She howls at the moon and smiles at the sun.

Just when you think she is finished, she declares, “I’ve just begun.”

Like wild flowers, she grows where she decides to push through fallow ground.

Like wild fires, she spreads with speed that can’t be drowned.

She has mystery in her blood, magic in her touch and regardless of her frame

she can be too much-wild woman.

She is not predictable, controllable nor the people pleasing kind.

That’s why she is called wild woman and can never be defined.


Author: Mishi McCoy

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Dar’ya Sip/ Flickr

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Linda Pope Mar 10, 2016 9:06pm

I am a dedicated follower of Mishis public pages, her blog and her articles. I am inspired and committed to my own personal growth with the assistance of her wisdom, encouragement and love toward humanity. I am especially touched by her genuine desire to facilitate healing and empowerment for women in particular. I look forward to more of her writings and want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude for her dedicated assistance to so many, including myself. I am wild and free by following her example of remaining true to her personal essence of being. Shine On, Mishi. You are loved.

J.L Hipps Mar 10, 2016 4:24pm

This a power packed short poem that states the obvious nature of wild women. Bravo!

Beverly Loving Mar 10, 2016 2:05pm

I’m back to read and reread this inspirational and Wild Woman spirited poem once again. With author permission, I’ve used quotes from this most delicious piece. It resonates with all women. Those one their journey and those reflecting it as well. Thanks again Mishi, keep the fire burning.

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Mishi McCoy

Mishi McCoy is a committed wife, mother of three children and grandmother of eight grandchildren. She is an Intuitive, Wholistic and Metaphysical Counselor, Author, Minister and Speaker who facilitates personal growth, health and spiritual wellness. As a pragmatic yet visionary author and spiritual facilitator, her passion is the Body, Mind and Spirit connection. Of utmost importance to her work is a lifetime of extensive and diverse spiritual study, with a consistent focus on spiritual evolution, ascension and psychological growth. She graduated from the Institute of Integrative Health in 2004 with focus on Massage and Bodywork Therapy, a Master Level Reiki certification and trained Shaman. In 2011, Mishi authored a book of memoirs “The Lovely Knowing“. Read more about Mishi’s visionary experience and intuition here. You can connect with Mishi on Facebook or learn more about her on her website.