June 10, 2015

When Insecurity Visits Me. {Poem}

By Allyde Winters

When insecurity visits me

I welcome it.
I let it in the door of my heart,
Clothe it in a blanket,
And offer it a warm bowl of tea.

When insecurity visits me,
I make a spot for it in my living room.
I sit with it in all of my attention,
And wait patiently,
For tales of its journey.

When insecurity visits me,
I do not expect it to leave or change,
Or be something else.
I thank it for being insecurity,
And for teaching me itself.

When insecurity visits,
I hold it softly against my chest,
When it leans in to hug me goodbye.
And kiss its forehead, as I watch its departure,
Under miles of open sky.



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Author: Psalm Pollock

Assistant Editor: Rebecca Lynch / Editor: Renee Jahnke

Image: flickr/Allyde Winters

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