July 21, 2015

7 Steps to Release Stress and Feel Good Now.



Are you feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities and length of your to-do list?

Do you feel stressed and anxious? Would you love to just hit the ‘pause’ button in your life so that you can just stop and be?

If you answered yes, then you are certainly not alone.

In my work as an international yoga teacher, healer and author, I have met many women all over the world who are stressed and exhausted from trying to juggle all the responsibilities, expectations and obligations that they have in their lives.

Chronic stress can have devastating results on your health resulting in depression, exhaustion and excess weight that seems impossible to shift, even when you do all the right things.

I know this all too well.

Just a few day’s before my 20th birthday, I had a complete body breakdown in college, which resulted in me being bedridden, sleeping for up to 20 hours a day and having to be spoon fed by my Mum.

I realized that I had been doing too much: saying “yes” when I needed to say “no” and not taking the time that I really needed to care for myself or my creative spirit.

Work, family life, finances and even our own negative thought patterns can all be hidden sources of long-term stress and anxiety.

Common coping behaviors in stressful situations can include food cravings, emotional eating and harmful addictions like drinking, smoking, working or partying too much.

If left unattended these kind of behaviors can result in weight gain, irregular or poor sleep patterns and even serious health issues.

On my own weight-loss healing journey, I discovered how to completely heal my body of asthma, eczema and allergies and lost over 60 pounds for good. I did this naturally with no diets, drugs or deprivation just by using gentle healing tools.

One of my favorite healing tools is deep breathing.

The healing practice of breathing deeply with awareness is very relaxing and can also help to reconnect your mind and body together, so that they can work together in harmony and unity.

When you breathe deeply, it creates a quiet safe space in your mind. It enables you to let go of the noise and distractions of your outer world, so that you can tune into what I like to call your inner world—the invisible world of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

So, next time you are feeling stressed or in need of an energy boost, use this gentle breathing technique  to help you feel better:

Step 1: Sit or lie down comfortably in a place where you know you won’t be disturbed (if you have kids or are at work it might even be your bathroom!)

Step 2: Gently close your eyes and relax all the muscles of your face, including your eyes.

Step 3: Then, bring your attention to the rhythm of your breath and without trying to control or force anything, just let yourself be with your breath easily.

Step 4: Follow the natural sensations of each inhalation and exhalation. As you place your attention on your breath, let your breathing deepen and soften naturally.

Step 5: As you inhale through your nostrils, feel your breath flow all the way into your tummy, allowing your stomach to expand, bringing fresh energy to your mind and the cells of your body.

Step 6: As you exhale, breathe out through your mouth, releasing and relaxing your body. Allowing your heart to soften, to open and to expand, releasing tension, stress, anxiety and negative thoughts, just letting go, letting go, letting go…

Step 7: Repeat and enjoy the relaxing and peaceful feeling that this gentle healing practice brings to your mind and your heart. Quietly affirm to yourself that ‘Everything is going to be okay’.

Breathing deeply can help you to release stress naturally.

Incorporating a deep breathing practice into your day is a wonderful way to release stress and will also encourage vibrant health and natural weight loss.

I hope that you enjoy this gentle breathing practice and the powerful effects it can have on how you feel and act.

Listen to a free guided healing meditation with Katrina Love Senn here.




15 Minutes to a More Mindful—Less Stressful—Life. {Infographic}


Author: Katrina Love Senn

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Images: Author’s Own


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