July 14, 2015

8 Business Books that will Change how we Think about Business.

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Starting a business is hard and so is working yourself up the corporate ladder.

Once you are on top, the challenges persists and become even harder.

Sometimes it might feel like giving up is a better alternative, but all the best business men and women have fought their way to success—because it is worth it.

Here is a list of business books that will change the way you think about doing business:

1. Screw it, Let’s Do It by Richard Branson

Branson—billionaire, business genius and founder of Virgin—shares his life philosophy of being a “yes man” in this influential book. By applying his favorite saying “screw it, lets do it”  to everything in life, especially business, Branson has achieved major success.

This book reveals the business lessons that he has learned himself, through applying this maxim to his life. Over thinking things in your life and in your business can cause stagnation, but by saying yes to tasks that seem impossible and taking risks, you might surprise yourself with your capabilities and your success.

After reading this book I looked at every new opportunity in a new way. I found myself applying this little maxim to everyday choices I had to make. I would find myself talking it out in my mind: “Shall I go to this conference on a subject I really love even though it is really expensive and I can’t really afford it?”  the same response would always pop into my head: “Screw it lets do it!”

I have never regretted any choice I have made that was influenced by this book. It’s a great business book and an even better guide to daily life.

2. The Functions of the Executive by Chester Barnard

This is a book about the functions and methods of executives in the corporate system. The book reveals methods on how to manage a large group of employees effectively.

If you are part of a large company, or starting up a small business, it is important to have a complete understanding of how a company is run and structures. This book will change your mind about the reason behind starting a company. According to Barnard the reason behind starting a business should not just be about making profit it should also be about passion.

Profit is necessary for one’s company to survive, but so is passion for what we are doing. This should be the main reason for opening a business. By reading this book not only will we learn more about how to run a successful company, but we will also rediscover our passion for the business we are part of.

3. The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

This book contains revolutionary new ideas about work and the time we spend on achieving success. It gives insight into the possibility of working fewer hours, without cutting on income and still achieving great success.

Ferriss gives advice on how to work only four hours a week, by sharing his secrets about managing work and pleasure time in such a manner that allows us to have less work and more free time. Some of his secrets are to outsource one’s work, while still cashing in large amounts, and how to get rid of bad clients that waste our time.

4. Maslow on Management by Abraham Maslow

Maslow is a renowned psychologist, famous for his theories on human behavior and motivation. In this book he reveals his theories on management and organization.

Popular theories in this book include human behavior in the workplace and the importance of creativity in the workplace. He also reveals how to encourage creativity in employees and how to motivate them in general. He will change your beliefs about leadership, management and creativity in the workplace.

Having knowledge of social psychology really makes a difference in understanding people’s behavior, and it makes all the difference in relationships between people. This is especially useful in the workplace to ensure that no unnecessary conflict arises.

Reading books like this one, that specifically focuses on psychological principles in the workplace, can make all the difference in the management of your company and is a real mind opener.

5. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

This is an influential, yet controversial, novel that reveals business advice through a fictional story that takes place in a dystopian alternate universe. This story has the ability to make us see business in a drastically new light, and it has the power to rewire our thoughts about the world in general.

Controversy exists regarding whether all the advice in the book could be good for one’s business—despite the fact that many hugely successful business men name this book as their inspiration. One thing is for sure, this book has the power to change the way one thinks forever.

The great thing about reading philosophical works, is that philosophy always has this way of leaving a lasting imprint on the way we think about life. This book is great in the sense that it is one of the first books to look at business in a philosophical light. We will never regret expanding our minds with philosophical ideas, and this book is a good place to start.

6. Weird Ideas that Work by Robert Sutton

Sutton writes about using innovation in business to achieve success. He describes how to identify when innovation is beneficial, and how to determine in which areas it is appropriate. Weird Ideas that Work is full of business tips that encourage experimentation and creativity in business, and it also teaches about the benefits and lessons to get from failure.

This book takes a new approach to business in a way that is creative and debunks the old idea that business and creativity does not mix well. Doing something new and against mainstream currents is always a good way to make a lasting impact in your field, so embrace new ideas with this book as a guide to improve your business skills and mindset.

7. The Knack by Norm Brodskys and Bo Burlingham

This book takes the idea of using formulas and rules for starting one’s own business and turns it upside down.

According to the author’s—small business owners and entrepreneurs rely on street-smarts to identify possible potential and solve problems. They call this “the knack,” and this book shares anecdotes and stories of people who have started small business and achieved success, so that others can learn from their experiences.

If you have tried to start a business, but feel like you have failed, this book will change your mind by giving insight into what others have experienced doing the same.

8. In The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything by Fred Gratzon

In this book, successful businessman, Gratzon, shares his business secret to achieving success. His philosophy in life is that one should never have to work, but rather, by avoiding work one can achieve success. Using this controversial formula, Fred grew his company into one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Gratzon also believes that by doing what we love, we will never “work” a day in our lives. Instead, every day will be spent on embracing our passion. This book is about changing one’s beliefs and mind-sets and achieving success. It offers the ideal that working ourselves to death is not the only way.

No matter what your mind set about business might be right now, one of these books are sure to change your mind in a direction that might benefit you and your business career. If one of the books on this lists sparks your interest and resonates with your current feelings or mind-set towards business—be sure to find a copy and read.

Books have the power of changing our thoughts and beliefs, and by changing our beliefs, we can change anything we set our minds to.



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