July 21, 2015

A Letter to my Gentle-Spirited Son.

gentle spirited son
To the light of my life.

You sit by my side now, quiet with thoughts of swimming and Legos and Nutella sandwiches. Your vocabulary is still small, but I am listening to everything you say and don’t know how to say, yet.

I want to lean over and whisper a few things to you before you stand up and walk away, like don’t forget your shoes and use your manners and stand up for yourself, but underneath these words this is what I’m really trying to say:

I hope every time you stand up, you walk confidently toward your goals and dreams. I hope nothing deters you and that you find speckles of inspiration along your path—in the soil, in the stars, in a generous smile, in a gifted musician. We have inspiration all around us so just keep your eyes and heart open.

Please and thank you go a long way. Gratitude is a quality that will help you when times get tough. Manners also come in gestures so always look people in the eye—it shows you are secure and truthful in your word…and I hope you are.

Wink at the classiest woman in the room (once you’re old enough to move out). It might make her skin tingle and you might even get a date out of it.

You were brought to earth to help others and it is something you have done naturally since you were born. But also do you, and do you well, so that when you extend your hand to those in need, it will be firm, still and sure, the best kind of hand to offer help and care.

If someone puts you down, picks a fight or even throws the first punch, may your punch be the last, my gentle-spirited warrior.

Take care of your precious body, it is a sacred temple. Surf and swim and build a house out of Legos that you can climb into at night and where you sleep peacefully. Keep that heartbeat strong—it is a vital part of a healthy life.

When you meet someone and feel the attraction, may you make the decisions with your intuition, not your eyes. Be prepared and protect yourself a little. The time will come to throw caution to the wind and all of that preparedness will allow you to be reckless.

I also ask that you be honest with yourself. Be honest about what you really want and don’t be shy about it. Write it down, profess it, share it. Do not hide your brightness to appease others.

That person next to you in bed after years and maybe even decades is the biggest gift on earth. Never take that gift for granted. Extend your hands and toes and hold on and hold each other closely.

Fill your home with items that bring you joy and allow that joy to multiply every single day. It heals the broken, fills the cracks in the walls and turns even the lopsided right side up.

Don’t be afraid of love. When you are most scared and unsure and have nothing to offer except your heart, that is the moment to jump in love with both feet.

And finally, honeymoon in a shoebox. That is all you’ll need when you have each other.


Author: Ashley Martinez

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Author’s Own

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Read 4 comments and reply

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