Identifying & Understanding an Indigo.

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I recently wrote about the traits of a clairsentient and received many messages asking me how similar clairsentients were to Indigos.

Due to these requests, I have written this new piece about the qualities of Indigos.

Indigos receive their designation when their surrounding aura is predominately indigo in colour. I will use the term Indigo here, however, many of the traits are very similar to those found in “old souls.”

The concept of an Indigo person was developed in the 1970s when it was discovered that many children who were born in the 60s or 70s had strong indigo auras. It is believed that Indigo children are born to a parent who has had some form of spiritual awakening during their lifetime. This awakening results in our DNA altering slightly so that when we pro-create, the children that are produced have also been awakened spiritually.

Indigos are able to tap into the collective consciousness, which thousands of years ago was a perfectly normal thing to do. However, as our DNA began to learn how to store memories, many of us now rely too heavily on the data held in our memories to make our decisions for us, rather than using our conscious state.

DNA records and stores our cell’s memories in the same way as a tape recorder does.[1]  As we go through life we search for data in our DNA (tape recorder) rather than tapping into our higher selves. This has caused us to lose our ability to tap into this higher consciousness and instead means we allow our pasts to make sense of the situations we are in and also make sub-conscious decisions about the information that we are constantly receiving.

When people tap into their higher consciousness, a part of their DNA alters and strengthens. This then means that the DNA we pass onto our offspring will also store this data and this will form part of our children’s blueprint, allowing them to also be able to access this consciousness, and this will become stronger and easier as generations pass on these genes. The children that are born to those who have accessed this ability are Indigo children.

Indigo is a very rich, deep midnight blue colour mixed with violet which gives it a very regal shade. Indigos relate strongly to intuition, wisdom, spiritual knowledge and telepathic communication.

The brow/sixth chakra also known as the third eye, which is located at the centre of the forehead, relates to the colour purple. An Old Soul or Indigo personality will be able to see things from their higher self, rather than for the purpose of the ego or for financial or material reward.

Often the easiest way to be able to tell if someone is an Indigo is by asking if they resonate with the colour indigo. Even if indigo is not the favoured colour choice, it will very likely strike a powerful resonation and no explanation is needed as to why this is—it is an intuitive connection based on the vibrations of energy in our surrounding auras.

Indigos have an inner knowing that is far more powerful than psychic abilities. Rather than thinking, Indigos use feeling to make sense of the world. They observe the electromagnetic vibrations that everyone sends out and then have the ability to translate the energy to understand it.

Indigos take responsibility for their own lives and also use their intuition to follow their intended path. They are desperate to find the meaning of their life and the missing answers that are found within the hidden and subliminal messages that everyday life delivers.

Indigos will literally feel as though they have been born on the wrong planet. They will feel alien-like while in the company of others who do not resonate with their experience.

Indigos may feel as though they are the black sheep of the family or that they are the lone wolves of society. This is because they do not gel with others well, unless they are vibrating on the same wavelength.

Indigos will often recreate their own families by forming a bond of friendships with those who are similar. They often refer to those they resonate deeply with as their soul families or warrior tribes or something similar.

Authority will be an area that Indigos struggle with and this will likely start within the education system. Rules and regulations will not make sense and Indigos will easily manage to weave their way through systems paying little regard to social norms and unwritten rules.

An Indigo often does not need to gain formal educational qualifications to prove their intellect or abilities, and instead will find their own path to their own kind of success. Success to an Indigo will begin and end with their soul being nourished and providing service to others. Everything else that comes from their success is seen as a by-product and will hold very little value compared with the rewards that are soul-deep.

One of the main traits of Indigos is a strong intuition and psychic ability and many are clairvoyants, even if they are not fully aware of this part of themselves.

Indigos wish to create harmony. They want to feel at one with the earth and long for all humans, animals and all living organisms to unite in peace. An Indigo’s soul finds it difficult to rest and fully relax whilst there is suffering here on earth.

Many additives that are added to foods and drinks will be intolerable for an Indigo. Sensitivities to chemicals will be very likely and the only substances that settle well in an Indigo’s system will be natural ones. This is also the same for cosmetics, or cleaning products, causing the skin to flare or react badly when it comes into close contact with these things. All of these intolerances are ways of seeing what the world needs to change to create a better world for future generations.

An Indigo will have an innate desire to serve humanity and to jump to the defense of anyone or anything that is in need. They fight for equality and will go to any length to support those who may need help or assistance in any way.

Indigos thrive on honesty and integrity and anything else will feel like a stain on their soul that they will work to remove. They make mistakes, tell lies and trip up many times, however, they have a very strong sense of what is right and what is wrong and when they do fail to make the right decisions they will do whatever they can to reroute their journeys so that they do not fall over the same obstacles time and again.

Indigos are on a mission to clear the cobwebs away from illusions and even though it is often painfully blinding to view reality they will adjust their perception continuously until they see things with the greatest clarity possible.

Indigos are the rebels of the world; they are the game changers, the curious ones, the philosophers, the truth seekers, the daydreamers, the creators, the unconventional ones, the peacekeepers, the mystical and magical ones, the quirky ones, the warriors, the free spirits, the feisty ones with tender hearts and tough unbreakable spirits.

They’re the charismatic old souls whose wise eyes give them away as they fearlessly look straight through you and deep down into the dark vortex within.


Sources cited:

1. http://www.effective-mind-control.com/cellular-memory-in-organ-transplants.html & http://www.human-memory.net/intro_what.html


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8 Responses to “Identifying & Understanding an Indigo.”

  1. Michael Gazonda says:

    I remember one day when I was young that I didn't like one of my favourite snacks anymore — "Vegetable Thins". One day they just didn't taste the same to me anymore. When I expressed this to my mom, it was not well received. I wonder if that's when I started lying to myself about what I was experiencing so that I would feel safe.

  2. Barb says:

    How do you have your aura read? I have all of these traits but have no idea if I am an indigo or not.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Was your mom really strict making u eat vegetables or forcing you to eat them ? That it got to a point that when she made any type of food ..she just made you eat it because she will get mad at you about it? Or punish you? Or yell at you ?

  4. Jojo says:

    I connect so much with being an indigo. It's so good when you recognise it in some of your friends as well. There really is a thirst for justice in all ways I find when it comes to indigos. The need for justice is so strong it's like even my life means nothing in front of justice. And I've found this in some other indigos as well.

  5. JennJenn says:

    this is ME! Favorite color has always been purple. It has always felt safe. It also deeply resonates with my Meyers Briggs which is an INFJ. And I've always just "known" stuff about people (which has not always made them happy). Constantly feel like a loner with lots of friends. Always rediscovering myself, and always open to hearing and seeing things outside of my own personal belief system. I have some more research to do 🙂

  6. Dawn says:

    It’s interesting that so much of the description here fits me…i am a lone wolf and spend mush time by myself and make my own trail, I talk most to another person who has a like spirit to me

  7. Dawn says:

    It’s strange yet more that I recently created a group and the name indigo came out, I let it be but my true colors are blue for brave and quiet thinker, purple for depth in meditation and white for freedom

  8. enjoyyourtodays says:

    This article snagged my attention and intrigues me. I have never had my aura read, but I can say that not all these attributes apply to me. Nevertheless, it's also intriguing to find that two others who've commented are INFJs. Me too!

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