July 9, 2015

Sensing Energy with our Hands—Everyone Can Do It!

Energy Hands

There are so many things in life that we can’t understand, unless we experience them for ourselves.

For example, I have met midwives who have attended hundreds of births and were still shocked to their core at how painful and transformative the experience was when the time came to give birth to their own child.

Sensing energy is a much less dramatic example of needing to experience something for ourselves than giving birth, but what I’m trying to say is that no one can know what sensing energy is like, unless they give it a try for themselves.

You see, I truly believe sensing energetic vibration with our hands is something everyone is capable of.

This is how I look at it…

Can everyone learn to play a chord or two on the guitar?

Yes, everyone is probably capable of learning how to play a simple G chord on the guitar. It might not look pretty or sound great when they do, but a basic ability to strum a few strings on a guitar is an option in everybody’s reach.

This is the same for sensing energy—everyone will be able to sense energy a little, if they just try.

But is everyone able to become the next Jimmy Hendrix or Eric Clapton—rocking out for hours at a time, playing complicated riffs—without even practicing?

No, this is for the naturally musically inclined people, whose souls have been pointed in the direction of pouring their hearts into studying music and becoming incredibly adept through practice and dedication.

This is the same for energy healers.

Energy healers either know when they are young that they can sense energy, and stay open to their ability through adulthood, or as adults they become introduced to the concept of energy healing, and they train and practice to fine tune their craft. Just like so many people do with their craft of choice—be it music, art, writing, photography or gardening.

But a basic ability to feel our own pulsing of energy—or sense another human or animal’s energy field moving—is an option for everyone.

When I took my first Healing Touch course, I knew nothing about sensing energy. I barely believed in energy fields, and I kind of hated the term chakra to be honest.

However, I attended the workshop because so many of my friends had attended Healing Touch training and had come home from their weekend workshops totally jazzed up about what they had learned.

Additionally, I had seen multiple energy healers myself, which had led to some great results on my own healing journey. I had no clue what the energy healers I had seen had actually done to me though, and I never imagined that one day I might be an energy healer myself.

So off I went to my Healing Touch level one workshop—having no clue what to expect. Then to my surprise, within an hour of the workshop, I found myself actually sensing energy with my hands!

I had my hands over another participants shoulders, and I could feel a cold breeze—I knew it was her energy field. I knew it was beautiful and that she was beautiful and healthy—I just knew.

At the end of the weekend, I knew I had used my time and money very well by attending the training.

I described it to friends and family as investing in a first-aid kit.

Suddenly if my kids had an ear ache or a stomach ache, I could instantly help the pain go away.

If my husband was stressed, I could help him relax instantly.

Once, my friend’s son crashed hard on an icy sledding hill, and I did energy healing on his head immediately, draining out the impact out of his system. When he went to the hospital they said he didn’t have a concussion, even though we saw him hit his head hard on the ground.

I am inspired by this belief—that we can all sense energy—because so many of us want to help promote peace in our communities and decrease suffering in the world.

Having even the smallest understanding about how to raise vibration, sense energy with our hands and clear congested negative energy is such an easy and efficient way to meet out goals of wanting to better the world.

It is normal to be skeptical—we should all be skeptical of things we haven’t experienced.

But instead of letting skepticism become cynicism, we can be open-minded and give new things a try.

Sensing energy is as simple as getting really quiet and paying attention to subtle nuanced sensations in our hands and in our bodies.

You can try it alone or with a friend.

Just sit quietly, breathe and place your hands a few inches apart in prayer position but with your hands not touching. Then place all your awareness and attention on your hands. Don’t be in a rush. Don’t expect anything. Don’t be quick to judge. Just stay quiet and notice.

There is no right or wrong experience you are meant to have here.

This is just an opportunity to give yourself time to notice things we are usually too busy to notice.

Maybe you notice a tingling, a hum, warmth, cold, popping, thickness or lightness. There is nothing to interpret here. It is only about experience.

You can also try this exercise by standing behind another person and putting your hands a few inches above their shoulders. Make sure that your mind is quiet. It is important not to have a busy, worried or stressed mind when going into another person’s energy field.

Once your hands are above your partner’s shoulders and your mind is quiet, just notice what there is to notice in your hands.

Does it feel different then what you noticed when you had your own hands in prayer position? Again this isn’t about drawing conclusions. It is just about having an experience and noticing things.

These exercises are the G chord on the guitar—they are giving the guitar strings a few strums and experiencing how it feels.

If you didn’t sense anything I would say keep trying. Maybe the first time you try to play a G chord on the guitar your fingers can’t reach all the necessary strings. But the second or third time, your fingers become more stretched out and somehow know where to go.

This is what it is like with sensing energy. It can take a few times, or even a half dozen times, for the intention to sense energy to stick.

If sensing energy seems interesting and exciting—if it makes you feel alive—then maybe you want to consider learning more.

Level 1 Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch or Therapeutic Touch courses are great places to start if sensing energy, even in the most basic way, is a skill you’d like to have in your back pocket as a means of lessening suffering and increasing peace.



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Author: Ruth Lera

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/spacedust2019


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