August 7, 2015

Give Me a Lover With Dark Heat in His Eyes. {Poem}


Show me a man who leaves nothing to chance

Who marks his prey with a kiss on the lips
Leaving them panting, dripping with desire
I want a man whose love leaves a scar

I want you to love me until my bones ache with memories of you
Until the ocean heaves itself upon the land and sweeps away all traces of man
Leaving only virgin landscapes and echoes of the dawn of time
Love me until I cry

I want our love to have nothing to cling to
Not the words you spoke to me in the dark
Not the marks you left on my neck
Not the demons that chased me through the night
Thinking a man like you was impossible to satisfy
Our love should be carried on the wings of doves
To someplace where mysteries settle on jagged mountaintops

Love like ours must be free

Each day that passes our love should be new
Each touch that burns me must be as the last
I want to experience you like a gift that one must return
And receive anew every day to unwrap from its forbidden box

You stole me away, my hand in yours
I found myself drowning in a lust that grew rich
Every stroke of your tongue turning the key in the lock
Imprisoned, I beg for release
But the dark forest of your intent leaves me no choice

I must surrender
I must slip to my knees
I must open my mouth and let you in
I must receive your love
Droplets of passion that leave you with a groan
The dark heat in your eyes my reward

You trapped me with your poetry, the books on your shelf
You fed my mind with discussions of Neruda and Nin
You led me down a path that you knew I couldn’t resist
Soul food the appetizer, your body the meal
Whiskey our butler, the sweet scent of herb

Your thoughts became my addiction
Our late night whispers verge on insane
You meditate and your eyes grow wise
You walk the line between this world and that
You talk of things that can never come true
You strip me of the will to leave…you are a man of many dreams

And while you play your guitar
I drop my clothes to the ground
You caution me to be brave, I know what you want
I’m hungry for your kink, the way your strength leaves me weak

I need what your body does to mine

So read to me my darling, write me a sonnet
Whisper your darkness, your fantasies no longer fill me with fear

You broke me open with the shadows of your madness
The beauty of your brokenness, your love of words

I am your captive
I surrender
I fall into your abyss


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Author: Monika Carless

Editor: David Lewis

Photo: pixabay


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Read 5 comments and reply

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