August 25, 2015

How to Easily Read People by Viewing Their Aura.


Auras are windows to the soul.

Everything in the universe has an vibration. Atoms, particles, electrons and even thoughts send out vibrations.

Auras are quite simply the electro-photonic vibrations that emanate from all objects and can be viewed by the eye as luminous colourful shades.

People have been seeing auras for thousands of years and artists depicted an aura on advanced spiritual figures such as Buddha and Christ. The aura was shown as a halo glowing around the head.

Our auras are colours that are made up of the energy that vibrates in and around us. Often, if someone gets to close to us we can feel uncomfortable, as though they are invading our personal space. This is because they are in our energy field and their own energy will be communicating (and sometimes conflicting) with our own.

This is one of the main reasons we feel compelled to stand back from certain people or keep them at a safe distance. If other people’s vibrations are not at a high level they can penetrate our own and leave us with a weighted murky feeling. We can even feel as though we need to remove ourselves from a room if the energy that is vibrating is not healthy energy.

Being in the company of other people whose energy is not sending out good vibrations can leave us emotionally and physically drained.

This is why it is essential to be able to read people’s auras as their vibrations contain important information. We can quickly and easily see the intentions of those whose company we are in by translating the data that is vibrating through their aura. We can then use the information to help us to make decisions about people if we are unsure of their intentions.

Our auric layers are in tune with our chakras and when we think and feel our thoughts and emotions vibrate inwardly and these vibrations are then radiated and form as an aura.

When we think of auras as energy, we can begin to see how we are easily affected by the changing moods of those around us. Sometimes we can physically feel how angry or full of love another person is simply by standing next to them. Hence the term, “You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.” Energy is very powerful and when we understand how it works and open ourselves up to it we can very easily read the moods and see the true character of those around us.

Our auras can change moment-to-moment as our thoughts and feelings can also quickly change. Our auras directly mirror what we are feeling. It is very easy to see the true nature of a person simply by observing their aura. Many people have learned to mask their true intentions with words and actions that do not reflect how they really feel, however, our auras don’t lie. So learning to read them is an excellent way to determine if someone is being true to how they are behaving.

When we are advanced at seeing auras we can observe how they change when someone is telling the truth or a lie. The colours and the shape of it will change so we will very easily be able to figure out whether someone is communicating authentically or not.

Often, an aura will “talk” to us before we hear any words. If the aura is very clear and the colours are bright, then we are being given the truth. When the colours are hazy and grey then the intentions are not good.

To see auras we need to use our Third Eye (The Brow Chakra) and an open mind is essential along with plenty of practice.

An aura is often seen as an egg around the body and the electromagnetic radiation spans out approximately two to three feet.

We can either use ourselves to practice on by looking in a mirror, or we can practice on someone who is willing to be patient and stay still for a small amount of time. It is important that the background of the person is neutral, preferably a white or pale colour. It is also advisable that plain clothes that aren’t too distracting are worn.

Alternatively we can use our hand on a flat plain surface to begin with.

The lighting should be natural, if possible, and not too dark or too light. Candles or lamps can be used to achieve the right setting.

Focus attention completely on one spot on the body. One of the easiest places to begin is the middle of the forehead, the Brow Chakra.

Hold the gaze on the same spot for around 30-60 seconds.

After this time close the eyes for one to two seconds and the mind’s eye will have taken a picture of the aura. Open the eyes again and focus once again.

The first light that is normally seen is a white light that surrounds the whole body. This is the energy field that is being seen as clear energy.

As the gaze is softened further that energy field will expand outward and colour will infiltrate it. As the mind is not used to viewing energy in this way it is likely it will trigger the image so that it disappears. That is okay. It will probably happen numerous times before we get used to holding onto the sight.

A similar concept is used when we see the “magic” pictures where images appear in backgrounds or we seen many different perceptions of one image. We simply focus and soften the gaze and our eyes will adjust to what is available to be seen.

With auras we will quickly and easily see the white glow, but we must hold the focus long enough so that we are holding a space for the colours to be viewed.

Here are the meanings of each colour:

Red: Anger, resentment, unforgiving, anxiety, nervous, materialistic, enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, impatient, determined

Deep red: Grounded, inner strength, strong-willed, sexual, powerful

Bright or light pink: Loving, sensual, sensitive, romantic, affectionate, strong willed, disciplined, self-love

Orange: Healthy, good stamina, adventurous, outgoing, advanced spiritually, teacher, leader, powerful, honest, kind

Orange/yellow: Creative, intelligent

Yellow: Awakened, spiritual, free, no attachments, content, spiritual leader, good communicator, analytical, optimistic, easy-going

Gold: Strong spiritual energy, wisdom, inner knowledge, intuitive, affectionate, artistic

Green: Good balance, healthy, in tune with nature, animal lover, healer, loyal, stable, secure, love the outdoors, jealous, envy

Yellow/green: Good communicator

Turquoise: Sensitive, compassionate, organised

Blue: Calm, caring, balanced, intelligent, truthful, good communicators, peaceful, free thinker

Light blue: Intuitive, peaceful, truthful

Royal blue: Clairvoyant

Indigo: Depth, intuitive

Violet: Psychic power, artistic, philosophical, empathetic, spiritual growth

Lavender: Imaginative, dreamer

White/Silver: Intuitive, nurturing, successful, talented, adaptable, gifted, sensitive, psychic

Grey: Fear

Dull grey: Holding on to resentment, fear, pain

Brown: Materialistic, negative, confusion, selfish, low self-esteem

Black Protective, guarded, grief, fear, holding on to pain, hatred, resentment, depression, illness

Cloudy white: Difficult to read. Lacking consciousness. Can also indicate their may be problems.

Clear white: Highly spiritual, divine, authentic, pure pranic energy, cleansing

It is essential to remember that when reading colours the shade of the colour means more than the colour itself. When the colours are very clear and bright they have positive overtones, when they are dull and cloudy they are negative and often mean the opposite to the words that are associated to the colour.

It is also important to look at which layer of the aura the colour relates to so they can be analysed more closely.

Someone who is very advanced spiritually will have a glowing golden aura that vibrates at this level almost continuously. A person who is struggling with negativity, resentment and fear will have a very dull and dark aura.

Auras are made up of seven levels and they correspond to the chakras in the body. The levels emanate from the body with the one closest to the body being physical, then etheric, vital, astral, lower mental level, higher mental level and spiritual level.

Although all the levels vibrate on the their own unique frequency, they also connect with and relate to all the other levels. Therefore, if one of the levels are out of balance this can affect other levels too.

Reading our own aura is just as important as reading other people’s as we can learn about our own truth and what is hidden within us, just as much as we can learn and understand more about others.

Many of us will already be able to feel energies and will be highly skilled at reading them however seeing them offers us another dimension. Viewing an aura helps us to achieve a far more in depth understanding of other people as we can add what we see to how we feel about others. Our intuition is our greatest ally and is there to guide and protect us.

Feeding our intuition essential data helps us to make decisions that aren’t just based on gut instinct, but are on also on the information that others are sending out to us too.



A Tough Love Letter to those Who Forget They are Magic.


Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Image Credit: Flickr/Claudia Gabriela Marques


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