August 9, 2015

I’ll Meet You at Our Cabin in the Woods. {Poem}


We’ll meet someday at our cabin.

That cabin in the woods
It is where our two hearts
Beat together as one
Pulsing back through the veins
Of these years with their chaos
Of this difficult distance
Our cabin will get us through
The next decade
Maybe two

In some ways we are already there
After all
Time, nothing but trickery
Just a branching out
A reaching out
An extension
Of what is now.

Running our minds
Forward through the years
Like fingertips brushing down my arm
To the outstretched and open hand
Waiting there for you

Smoke billowing from the chimney
Fire in these hearts
Soft flannel and Earl Grey
We’re not running away
Oh, no…
It is in running from nothing
That we choose everything

I will see the reflection of the branches
In those dark eyes of yours
You’ll feel me swaying yet rooted
Amongst the trees
Those trees which pine for nothing

We will take our turns at the stove
Nourishing ourselves
With both moonlight and space
Sacred space
Where with our own language
Words mostly unspoken
Lyrics perhaps already written
But not yet sung

You and me
And our complexity
We will rediscover the simple
Outside and around
Inside and in between
All that is us

We won’t play games
But we will speak in riddles
The questions we will ask
Answers in and of themselves
Those answers we will find
Deep in the stillness
Deep in each other
In our cabin in the woods.


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Author: Katie Vessel

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Eleazar/Flickr

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