August 6, 2015

Our Sacred Manifesto. {Poem}

Flickr/June Campbell

We are here to grow, to inspire and be inspired.

We are here to evolve, one conscious step at a time.

Illuminate. Excavate. Adapt.

Let’s flow to places we cannot even conceive of, with a fire and trust in our hearts that is beyond measure.

We are here to love and be loved.

We are here to honor our presence on Mother Earth and honor the earth we walk upon.

Be joyful. Light up the dark. Celebrate.

Remember, the path to freedom lies within.

Let’s choose to be real—unparalleled expressions of truth and authenticity.

Let’s listen to the whispers of our souls.

We are here to be present and attentive to all parts of ourselves—seen and unseen.

To share and keep sacred our visions and dreams.

Comfort. Be comforted. Prevail.

Let’s love ourselves through the fears, doubts, judgments and criticisms that we may attach to ourselves or to others.

Let’s reclaim our Divinity and magnificence—one remembrance and epiphany at a time.



She Holds the Universe.


Author: Madeleine St.Jacques

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/June Campbell

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Read 2 comments and reply

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